Remember to Look after Your Health after a Breakup ...


After a breakup your attention is focused on having enough tissues to cry into, staring at your phone waiting for a text that never comes, making sure you have enough ice cream and chocolate, playing so many what if scenarios and bemoaning your woes to anyone whoโ€™ll listen. Your health is second fiddle to your emotions, but it shouldnโ€™t be. Itโ€™s just as important to look after your health after a breakup, if not more important as youโ€™re at a low ebb and vulnerable.

1. Sadness = Motivation

One of the best ways to be healthy after a breakup is to let the sadness you might be feeling be a motivator to set you on the path of new fitness. Make the conscious effort not to drown your sorrows in boxes of chocolates or high calories take out, but rather channel your break up woes in to cooking clean for yourself. You would be surprised just how much better maintaining a healthy diet can make you feel during a breakup.

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