7 Signs You Need a Body Image Makeover Now ...


If you’re body-hating, which means you’re cursing your thighs, tummy, hips and more, then I think you just might need a body image makeover, hun! You don’t need surgery, a perfect diet, or a great diet book to get your perfect body. You also don’t need hours in the gym, or to exercise in a way you hate. If you recognize any of the worst signs you need a body image makeover below, I’m suggesting you stop pronto! To get healthy and lean for life, you need to move in a way that makes you happy and doesn’t cause you to obsess. You also need to eat in a way that keeps you full and comes from whole foods. After that, be sure you stay aware of the following signs you need a body image makeover so you don’t start hating your body. It is made to serve you, not to be a slave to perfection!

1. You’re Never Thin Enough

If you are always telling yourself that you’re never thin enough, you most definitely need a body image makeover. Keep this in mind: when you pass away, do you really think that others will be glad you maintained a certain size jeans, care if you fit into your favorite dress from high school or talk about how you looked like your favorite celebrity? I’ve got news for you: they won’t! Yes, you should maintain a healthy diet and take care of yourself, but you should never tell yourself you still need to lose weight, or lose weight at all, unless you’re unhealthy. If so, start showing yourself some self love by recognizing things you like about yourself that have nothing to do with your weight. This will keep you focused on what really matters.

You Are Always Restricting
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