8 Sneaky Sources of Sugar ...


If you’re trying to watch your sugar intake like I am, there are some super sneaky sources of sugar we need to look out for! Sugar is one of those things that are in so many foods that we wouldn’t suspect, it’s no wonder that some people feel as if they’re addicted to it! According to studies, it’s estimated that most Americans consume 100% of their daily allowance of sugar at breakfast! Check out these sneaky sources of sugar that we might overlook and be better informed of what you’re eating!

1. Salad Dressing

Salad Dressing

Did you know that salad dressing is one of the most common sneaky sources of sugar? Who knew that something as seemingly harmless as salad dressing could contain sugar?! We usually think that when we go the salad route for a meal we’re eating light, healthy and very low calorie. Make sure you read labels when you buy your salad dressing and if you’re in doubt when you’re eating out, there’s always vinegar and oil!

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