7 Sound Reasons Not to do a Juice Cleanse ...


Doing a juice fast is currently a very popular trend, however there are actually many great reasons not to do a juice cleanse! There are other, healthier and more effective ways to drop pounds and help your body restore balance. Juicing can be great as part of a well-rounded healthy diet, however listed below are a few reasons not to do a juice cleanse that are pretty convincing!

1. A Juice Cleanse Doesn't Actually Detox

A common pseudoscience belief is that other remedies, besides our body's own organ system, can draw out toxins and restore health. One of the reasons not to do a juice cleanse is because our body is amazing, in that it has all the working parts (kidneys, liver and intestines) to process and eliminate toxic material we encounter on a daily basis through environment and food. With the proper diet of whole foods and taking precautions in avoiding too much exposure in general, your body has all it needs to process toxins and keep you feeling great!

Lack of Fiber Can Be Harmful to Your Gut
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