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Here Are All of the Reasons You Should Start Juicing ...

By Teresa

I started juicing about two months ago, and it’s honestly changed my life. Before, when people would tell me about juicing, I’d roll my eyes and think they were crazy. However, when I started drinking juice, I was instantly amazed by how much better and more energized I felt. I started juicing because I didn’t feel like my body was operating at 100%, and when I watched a documentary called Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, I decided that juicing was the way to get my body back to 100%. If you’re on the fence about juicing, I’m sure that these reasons to start juicing will help you persuade you to start. Once you start, you’ll never want to stop juicing again! It will just become a part of your everyday routine.

1 It’s a Great Appetite Suppressant

When you’re filling your stomach up with great juice for an extended period of time, your stomach shrinks fast. Before you know it, you’ll notice that your appetite will be surprisingly smaller than usual. If you’re currently dealing with hunger issues, like you can’t possibly satisfy your hunger, juicing might be a great way to fix that problem!

2 Less Sleep is Needed

Before I started juicing, I would need at least eight hours of sleep, but usually more like nine hours, to get through the day without completely falling apart by the end of the day. However, since I’ve started juicing, I’ve noticed that I’m able to go to sleep later, wake up earlier, and still feel great by the end of the day. Because you’re putting so many nutrients into your body, it’s able to use them efficiently and help you survive on less sleep!

3 You’ll Feel so Much Better

When people ask me why I juice, the answer is both simple and complicated. I juice because I don’t know why I wouldn’t. I instantly feel so much better when I’m drinking juice. I’ve always suffered from digestion issues, and since I’ve started juicing, I’ve felt so much better that I couldn’t imagine not juicing.

4 The Weight Loss is a plus

When you’re juicing, you’re not eating as much, which means that you’re losing weight, and fast. You’ll notice a difference in your weight within a few days. While weight loss shouldn’t be your motivation to juice, it is always a nice benefit to look forward to!

5 Your Body Absorbs the Nutrients Better

Without all of the fiber to get in the way of your digestion, the vitamins and minerals don’t have to go through the process of digestion. Instead, they just immediately start working and helping your body function better!

6 You’ll Be Sure to Get Your Vegetables

It goes without saying that we all need a high intake of vegetables. Rather than eating a few salads a day, why not reach your daily vegetable intake by juicing? It’s just a few drinks a day, and you’ll get a lot more vegetables from a juice than you would from a typical salad.

7 You Could Reduce Your Risk of Cancer

Although a lot of the different vitamins and minerals in a typical juice can help prevent diseases, chlorophyll, found in green vegetables, prevents cancer cells from developing. How couldn’t you love that benefit?

Have you started juicing? If so, why did you start? Why do you keep juicing? Let me know in the comments!

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