7 Super Important Ways Magnesium is Beneficial to the Body ...


The ways magnesium is beneficial seem to be highly underrated!

After doing my own research on the matter, I found that magnesium combined with calcium provides an array of essential benefits for normal bodily functioning as well as medicinally.

It's literally involved in more than 300 bodily functions which is just crazy!

Taking this supplement, in the right form and dosage, will help those who are mainly deficient in this essential nutrient, as well as those needing a little extra boost.

Listed below are a few super important ways magnesium is beneficial to the body.


1. Reduces Heart Palpitations

Heart palpitations are super common and are usually harmless, albeit a little irritating.

They are essentially irregular heart beats or skipped beats altogether and they usually last only a few seconds.

I actually suffer from them on a regular basis and when I was having a bout of them that didn't seem to go away, I started taking magnesium and sure enough, they desisted!

One of the ways magnesium is beneficial is that it acts as the transportation mechanism for calcium and potassium ions across the heart, which produce a regular heart beat.

So, try magnesium if you have heart palpitations!

2. Takes Away Muscle Cramping and Charlie Horses

Just like having an irregular heartbeat in your heart muscle, your other muscles, usually legs, can be affected by low levels of magnesium.

Magnesium regulates protein synthesis as well as muscle and nerve function.

This is why pregnant women get charlie horses in their legs (I had them BAD) because you become increasingly deficient as a fetus develops.

If you suffer from cramping, muscle spasming and twitching, you may be deficient and should look into a magnesium supplement.

3. Acts as a Natural Laxative

Magnesium acts as a natural laxative and is the main ingredient in over-the-counter medicines for constipation.

If you take it in liquid form combined with calcium (which is best because you absorb it much more quickly and completely than pill form), take half a dose in the morning and another half at night with half a banana (for the potassium) each time.2

This will prevent a tummy ache.

Your potassium is depleted with such a quick absorption of magnesium so the banana replaces it, as well as reducing the laxative effects that may not necessarily be desired.

But if you need the laxative affects, then by all means take the full dosage!

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