7 Telling Signs You're Not Getting Enough Sleep ...


Between work, classes and other obligations, you might not sleep seven or eight hours every night. Since you're young, you may think lack of sleep isn't a big deal. But the truth is, you need adequate sleep. This is how you perform at your best, so never underestimate the importance of rest. So, are you getting enough sleep? Here are seven signs that you might be sleep deprived.

1. You Can't Remember Anything

If you’re having problems with your memory lately, there's a good chance you're not getting enough sleep. It might come as a surprise, but deep sleep is connected to memory. If you're not sleeping a lot, or if you're waking up throughout the night, you might not be getting the REM sleep your body needs. As a result, you might become forgetful. Try going to bed earlier every night and getting at least eight hours of sleep. Also, alleviate distractions that might interrupt your sleep. Don't sleep with the radio or TV on.

You’re Feeling More Stressed
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