7 Hidden Signs of Depression You Might Not Be Aware of ...

By Heather

7 Hidden Signs of Depression You Might Not Be Aware of ...

There are many hidden signs of depression that many people tend to ignore in themselves every single day, with lack of hope for better days ahead. I know so many people that just think life is hard and suffering is all part of it. Well, I know firsthand just how hard life can be, and how it can lead to depression without you even realizing it. I also know what it’s like to suffer from depression due to genetic components, and medical conditions. Even your weight and activity levels can influence depression. Unless you’re aware of the hidden signs of depression, it can be easy to overlook. Be sure you know what the signs are so that you can keep yourself and your loved ones healthy, happy and living actively to prevent depression.

1 Lack of Motivation

One of the many hidden signs of depression is the lack of motivation. It’s almost a constant, day to day issue that people with depression face. Not wanting to work, do any hobbies you usually enjoy, or even cook yourself a meal can all be signs of a lack of motivation caused by depression. This is natural once in a while, but on a day to day basis, it isn’t something you should be dealing with.

2 Lowered Immunity

Another hidden sign of depression is low immunity. Many people don’t realize that their low immunity is caused by depression, but consistent low moods lead can lead you to exercise or move less during the day and eat poorly. Whether that means eating unhealthy foods, or foods that lack enough calories for your body, both can lead to low immunity. If you are constantly getting sick and suffer a low mood, chances are that you’re suffering depression.

3 Isolation

One major sign that signals depression is the desire to be alone more, or actually fearing being around others. Or, perhaps you have actively chosen to isolate yourself from people. Keeping to yourself, avoiding all social interactions, even if that means work, church and school, and wanting to stay home all the time when you normally don’t, are all signs of depression. There is a huge difference between being introverted and naturally being happier in your own space, than fearing social situations and suffering depression. Be sure you know which category you fall into.

4 Unhealthy Eating Habits

If you’re skipping meals during the day and then binging at night, or suffering from an eating disorder, these are both signs of depression to be aware of. Unhealthy eating habits often go overlooked and aren’t always recognized as symptoms. However, it’s easy to tell if you pay close attention. If you find yourself burying your boredom, self-pity, or stress levels in the jar of peanut butter, you’re probably suffering from depression.

5 Constant Fatigue

Many people suffer constant fatigue and just want to rest all the time, or sleep most of the day. If you find yourself constantly fatigued day to day, check with your doctor to make sure you don’t have a medical issue. If not, consider your mood. If you’ve had a low mood recently, the pain you have through your body is might be a sign of depression. Suffering a low sense of well being can actually stimulate inflammation in the body that leads to joint pain. Inactivity only makes this worse, so be sure to stay aware of this issue so it doesn’t happen to you.

6 Insomnia

One other hidden sign of depression that often goes unnoticed, or overlooked is insomnia. If you’re up at night wide awake with your thoughts and worries, then you might be suffering depression. Don’t worry too much, since insomnia affects millions of Americans daily, but do be aware of it so you can take preventative measures. Don’t keep going without sleep, whatever you do. Lack of sleep can actually cause depression, which makes it a vicious cycle to get out of.

7 Low Sex Drive

The last hidden sign of depression I’d like to mention that people often blame on hormones, is a low sex drive. Technically, hormones are to blame, but not just your sex hormones. Serotonin, the “happy” hormone as I like to call it, is responsible for increasing your sense of well being. When it is low, naturally other hormones in the body are affected, and you might be less likely to think about love and romance. If this is an issue for you, be sure to eat more foods that produce serotonin in the body and increase libido. Great choices are lean animal protein, maca powder, cacao, and hemp protein.

When taking daily measures to fight depression, the best things you can do are to eat foods that boost your hormones, and also exercise daily. My favorites include lean protein, vegetables, low sugar fruits, gluten-free grains like oatmeal, and superfoods like cacao, maca, goji and hemp. I also make sure to exercise daily at least 40 minutes to get in a natural mood booster. I’ve found that over the years, these have been the two most effective things to fight a battle with lifelong depression I’ve had, along with getting enough rest. What are some hidden signs of depression that you are familiar with?

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Very informative. It's great to stay aware. We all have control over our body and minds, but its up to us to realize that sometimes we may need to seek help and that does not make us weak. It makes us strong for taking the first step.

I think the biggest problem beside having depression is being unable to treat due to social issues and unacceptability of those around you to what you have.

I think I'm just lazy, not depressed. Is that a symptom? Not admitting to being tired all the time, uninterested in anything, being down on oneself?

My God, now I know, I can also,relate to this since I just found out I have all the signs...!

I agree with Kelsey, this article isn't meant to self diagnose depression but simply to raise awareness. Ladies, if you think you're suffering depression please see a licensed practitioner for a true diagnosis

I have all all but one of these signs. im a fighter but wen will the fighting end and life begins?

I thought I was getting better, but I'm really not. :(

I've had all of these symptoms for years. Is there a column about how to get over depression for teens? Thank you for helping me realize what was wrong with me.

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