Telltale Signs of Chronic Anxiety That You Shouldn't Ignore ...


Telltale Signs of Chronic Anxiety That You Shouldn't Ignore ...
Telltale Signs of Chronic Anxiety That You Shouldn't Ignore ...

Certain signs of chronic anxiety are all too familiar for people who suffer on a daily basis. It’s as if youre body is going through PMS nonstop. Imagine that, ladies! In fact, certain signs of chronic anxiety can often be masked as something else. Fibromyalgia is one diagnosis that many women receive because of certain signs of chronic anxiety they suffer from, which can come from stress alone. If you suffer stress, be sure you’re aware of these signs below and seek medical or alternative treatment immediately. Stress is part of life, but living with it day in and day out can end up causing you anything from heart disease, to diabetes, to a stroke.

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Muscle Pain

If you have constant muscle pain, this is one of the major signs of chronic anxiety, and not arthritis like you might think. Think about how stressful your life is and how frequent your muscle pain is. See a connection? Stress causes inflammation, which is one reason muscles stiffen and constantly hurt.



Another sign of chronic anxiety is fatigue, all the time. Stress weakens the adrenal glands, which are a hormonal gland in your body responsible for managing everything from inflammation to stress and overall balance in the body. When they become exhausted from stress or a poor diet, they cause you to be fatigued around the clock. You need to get more rest and be kinder to your body. You should also try a stress management exercise like yoga or meditation to help.



Frequent headaches are another common sign of chronic anxiety. Stress creates muscle tension, which causes headaches as a direct result. Quit popping the Advil and learn to find certain lifestyle tips like a healthy diet, talking things out with others, exercising, and getting enough rest to manage your stress. Also, keep the caffeine to a minimum, or cut it out. It’s only making the entire cycle worse. I promise, there is another life without java!


Sugar Cravings

Your body is smart. It knows sugar is a drug that sends it on a high into a frenzy. Sugar is an opiate and promotes immediate calm for about 30 minutes, until the crash happens and the cycle starts all over again. Sugar also causes inflammation and diabetes, along with weight gain and food addictions. However, when you’re under chronic anxiety, it will be the first thing your brain tells you to reach for because sugar temporarily satiates you and calms you. Get rid of the sugar “drug,” as I say, and eat balanced meals so you don’t have a sugar crash, causing the binge later.



Do you regularly snipe at your family and friends without meaning to? Welcome to another sign of chronic anxiety. Moodiness is one of the surest signs you’re under major stress. It’s not you, dear, it’s just simply that you’re stressed! Don’t blame the PMS or your job, but instead take a chill pill and get yourself some rest, quality food, and moderate exercise. Then apologize to your loved ones and make nice!


Poor Digestion

One of the worst signs of chronic anxiety is your digestive system becomes imbalanced quickly. I know this all too well, as it was one of the first things I noticed when under chronic stress for a time. Poor digestion and even IBS have been linked to chronic anxiety. If your digestion has been off, it’s no coincidence. It’s probably just your stress levels. Your digestive system is your second brain, and 95% of your nerves that produce serotonin, the “happy and calm” hormone, are produced in your stomach. Therefore, when you are stressed, your body can’t efficiently produce serotonin, and not only does stress result, but so does poor digestion. The digestive system won’t efficiently digest your food or process your food when it’s stressed. Do whatever you can to manage your stress so your tummy feels better pronto. Chamomile tea can help relax both you and your stomach, along with peppermint tea.


Poor Sleep

Having trouble sleeping? It’s probably another sign of chronic anxiety you need to be aware of. Poor sleep for a consistent amount of time isn’t something to ignore. Whatever you need to do to manage your stress in a healthy way, do it. Your sleep is vital to managing your stress the next day, along with giving you energy and vitality. If you can’t sleep, try a natural supplement like Calms Forte (a homeopathic remedy), or melatonin. Both are completely safe and non habit forming.

If you think some of these signs sound familiar, chronic anxiety might be something to consider. Stop writing it off and learn to manage it however you need to. There is another side to life without chronic anxiety. Have you ever suffered any of these signs?


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love the post, just wish to say please research the actual treatment choices. I was labeled with anxiety at 16 and no one knew the medication ends up causing physical dependence.

Yep now i know i have all the symptoms poor me....

wow huge eye roll. Sugar has opiates? causes misdiagnosed diseases?

Great post, thanks!

anxiety sucks

All very true!

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