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7 SIgns of Dehydration That Shouldn't Be Ignored ...

By Michelle

I wasn’t aware of the signs of dehydration and like many people, have spent the better part of my life dehydrated. I even ended up in the hospital because of severe dehydration. I think it’s important to learn the signs of dehydration to make sure that you are taking care of your body. So grab a glass of water and sit back while you learn the signs to look out for.

1 Lethargy

If you are very lethargic to the point where your movement slows down, then you are severely dehydrated. It shouldn’t feel like a lot of effort to do normal everyday tasks. The day I collapsed and went to the hospital, I was walking slower than normal and stuck in a funk of tiredness. I thought it was because I didn’t get the best night’s sleep the day before, but it really traced back to dehydration. It’s important to identify this sign of dehydration because it can disguise itself as sleep deprivation but have more serious side affects.

2 Urine

If your urine is a dark yellow color or has a strong odor to it, then you need to drink water more regularly. When your body can’t push water through your system, your kidneys struggle to create urine. This can lead to Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) and other kidney problems. Proper hydration should make your urine lighter. Entirely clear urine can be a sign of over over-hydration so pay attention.

3 Confusion

Confusion is a big part of dehydration. Your body goes into a state of shock when it’s dehydrated and makes you confused about anything. The confusion could be what people are saying because it’s difficult to concentrate on them or indecisiveness associated with making decisions.

4 Dizziness

Dizziness or light-headedness can be a sign you are dehydrated. This symptom can be grouped under other diseases or side affects of medication you are on so you need to pay attention. If you feel dizzy, drink water and if that feeling persists, seek medical attention because you could be feeling a side affect of something else.

5 Heart Palpitations

Dehydration can lead to heart palpitations so it’s vital that you drink water on a regular basis. You are supposed to drink half your body weight in oz of water a day if you are not active. That’s the handy rule of thumb to keep your body working as best as it can. Heart palpitations can strain your heart and if extended for long periods of time can result in heart problems. If you have constant heart palpitations due to dehydration, talk to a medical professional to see what you can do to ensure you are getting enough water.

6 Weakness

Feeling weak? It may be a sign you are dehydrated. Your body is made of as much as 75% water so when you are dehydrated, you can tell. Though this rate varies per person, it still shows a large portion of your body is water. Your body will feel weak, making it challenging to do simple tasks if you are dehydrated. I felt incredibly weak and again attributed this weakness to my lack of sleep from the day before but when doing simple tasks gets incredibly difficult, you know it may be more than sleep deprivation.

7 Muscle Cramps

Muscle cramps and Charlie Horses result because of dehydration. You can prevent these by making sure you drink the appropriate amount of water for your body relative to your current weight. Menstrual cramps can also be alleviated by drinking water so ladies, keep this in mind for when your monthly cycle hits.

Since my visit to the hospital, I have made conscious efforts to keep hydrated. If you are prone to dehydration then come up with a plan to make sure you get a consistent input of water each day, whether it be through drinking out of water bottles or making sure to drink x number of cups a day. What are some other ways to make sure you are staying hydrated?

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