7 Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue You Need to Be Aware of ...


The symptoms of adrenal fatigue often go masked as a whole other health issue, making it hard to discover. First, you should know that adrenal fatigue occurs when too much stress has been placed on the body, and the adrenal glands are unable to keep up with the demands we place on them. The adrenal glands are found just above your kidneys and are responsible with dealing with stressors to the body, both physically and mentally. These glands are a part of our endocrine system, making them hormone glands. Your hormones are one of the top influences of all health issues you deal with. During adrenal fatigue, also known as adrenal “crash,” your adrenal glands don’t quit working, but simply function at an incredibly slow pace, causing your body suffers from burnout such as the symptoms below. If you have any of these symptoms, the best way to heal your adrenals is through a more alkaline diet with less caffeine, more water, more plant foods, and less acidic foods, along with give yourself some rest. Physical and mental relaxation are essential to healing your adrenals outside of special supplements and treatments.

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Chronic Headaches

Your adrenals are important for producing hormones that trigger nervous system responses. Therefore, one of the symptoms of adrenal fatigue are headaches due to tense or stressed nerves.


Flu-like Symptoms

If you suffer flu-like symptoms such as extreme fatigue, body aches, chills, and pain, and aren’t sick, it is most likely adrenal fatigue. Though conventional medicine does not recognize adrenal fatigue as an actual diagnosis, you should get treated. See a holistic doctor or naturopath instead.


“Gray" Feeling

Another common sign of adrenal fatigue is a general “gray” feeling, or just feeling stagnant, so to speak. Always tired, low in energy or motivation? It might be your adrenals, and this can be caused by stress, depression, or even by a poor diet.


Body Pain

All over body pain is one of the most prevalent signs of inflammation, which can trigger adrenal fatigue. You might just always feel burned out, or be in pain due to high stress. This probably isn’t your imagination, so don’t write it off as nothing.


Red Eyes

One common sign of adrenal fatigue is your eyes are always red tinted and look tired, no matter how much sleep you have or if you’re a nonsmoker and don’t drink. This is a physical sign that stress is occurring in the body at alarming levels. Don’t let it go on without further attention! Your diet is usually one of the top reasons for this symptom.



Depression is a serious mental disease, but can often be caused by adrenal fatigue alone, and stem from nothing else at all. Once your body gets so burned out, your entire metabolism slows, along with mental function. Your adrenal glands affect all aspects of your body, so if depression is a problem in your life, this could be something to consider.



Do you feel tired in the day and wired at night? This can also be a sign of adrenal fatigue. The body’s entire metabolism becomes altered and can cause additional stress, causing insomnia to occur. Perhaps you dwell on everything at night and can’t understand why you’re so stressed out every single night, or just have a wired mind. Adrenal fatigue is one reason you might want to think about, instead of popping pills or getting too little sleep. Too little sleep can also cause adrenal fatigue, making this a vicious cycle.

Whatever you do, don’t ignore these symptoms of adrenal fatigue. If they go untreated, serious damange can occur, such as changes to your carbohydrate, protein, and fat metabolism. Adrenal fatigue is also a common reason behind obesity for this purpose. Adrenal fatigue that’s left untreated can also cause severe cardiovascular problems, and electrolyte imbalances. It even hurts your sex drive, believe it or not. To learn more about adrenal fatigue, please visit the Adrenal Fatigue website in the sources below. Do you have any of these symptoms of adrenal fatigue?

Sources: adrenalfatigue.org

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Wow. A very informative article. Explains a lot of things

This article made me research more into adrenal fatigue, it appears my boyfriend and I have a lot of the symptoms. Even if we do;t have this we are making a much needed lifestyle change seeing as we would hate to increase health issues. Thanks!

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