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Next time you go for your annual appointment be sure you know about some important things to talk to your OBGYN about. Never just go into your appointment and leave without talking to your OBGYN. He or she should be able to answer any questions you have, or point you in the right direction. A good OBGYN will probably already begin talking to you about these things on your first visit and each visit after. If not, be sure you bring up these important things to talk to your OBGYN about. It can help current health issues you have, along with prevent future issues from occurring.

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Birth Control

Birth control is one of the first things to talk to your OBGYN about of all. If you’re sexually active, you need to be using birth control unless you’re trying to conceive. Birth control is also a key way to prevent sexually transmitted disease. If you’re not comfortable using synthetic forms, many hormone-free options are available. To learn which options are best for you, always talk to your OBGYN to find out what you need and what your options are.


Breast Health

Most all OBGYNs will do a breast exam. Most will scan for lumps or other cancer scares, but if your doctor doesn’t perform one, ask. You need to have regular exams because early detection and prevention are key when it comes to breast cancer. Stay on top of this the easy way by talking to your OBGYN about it every time you go.


Your Menstrual Cycle

If your menstrual cycle has stopped, is irregular, is causing you pain, or just isn’t normal for whatever reason, bring this topic up immediately with your OBGYN. Your menstrual cycle is important to your overall health, and your entire sense of well-being. It’s especially key for your reproductive health and is never something to overlook if you're having concerns.



Many women don’t think to talk to their OBGYN about depression, but let me tell you why you should. Many women suffering depression are simply going through a hormonal change, and nothing more. Our hormones change so many times during our life as a woman, it’s no wonder so many women deal with depression. To keep your mind and body happy, be sure to talk to your doctor about depression. It might be as simple as a hormonal imbalance that can be fixed by lifestyle changes, hormonal supplements, or other tips from your doctor.


Your Weight

Your OBGYN should also talk to you about your weight. He or she is a key person to helping you prevent diabetes, heart disease, or weight issues that influence your reproductive health. Being underweight and overweight can both affect your health in a negative way. Be sure to talk to your doctor to keep your weight at the right level. If you feel it’s not what it should be, don’t hesitate to talk to your OBGYN about it.


Your Skin

Yep, your OBGYN is also a great go-to if you’re having skin issues. Why? It could be your hormones, once again! If your skin is breaking out, talk to your doctor. They may question you about your diet, stress, and overall lifestyle to see if changes can be made to improve your skin. If everything seems fine, it could be your hormones, which can easily be fixed with natural or synthetic hormone options.


Your Pap Smear

Your doctor will almost always perform a pap smear test on you to make sure your female organs are healthy. It’s perfectly okay to question anything you want about your pap smear, and what is being tested. You should also always call to follow up on your test to get the results if you haven’t heard back within four weeks from your doctor. Most will give you a call anyway, but if not, call them yourself.

Whatever you do, never leave your OBGYN’s office without talking to them about these important issues. Once again, they are key to helping you prevent and treat important health issues. What do you typically talk to your OBGYN about?

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