7 Questions Senior Ladies Should Ask Their Doctor at Their Annual Checkup ...


7 Questions Senior Ladies Should Ask Their Doctor at Their Annual Checkup ...
7 Questions Senior Ladies Should Ask Their Doctor at Their Annual Checkup ...

First off, let’s establish that as you get older, an annual checkup is a must, and then I can go on to say that there are certain questions senior ladies should ask their doctor at these appointments. Even if you aren’t showing any real outer signs of aging (because you’ve looked after yourself, following a healthy diet and exercising regularly as a lifestyle choice,) age will be taking its toll on your inner body. However healthy you may or may not feel, these are the questions senior ladies should ask their doctor at your annual checkup.

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Are the Medications I’m Taking Still Relevant?

Are the medicines that I am taking still relevant is one of the most important questions senior ladies should ask their doctor. If you have a long term illness that you have kept under control for a number of years, then chances are that you haven’t changed your meds. However, over the years our bodies change and we need to tweak our medication to ensure that we get the best effects. You don’t want to be breaking your bank with medications that don’t work the way they should. Every time you see the doc, ask them about your current medication and whether it is still right for your age, weight and health condition. Also, make sure you ask the pharmacist about the relevancy of the over-the-counter meds you buy too.


Do You Recommend Any Annual Screenings?

There is no hiding from the fact that as we grow older our bodies change and new health problems develop. That is why one of the questions senior ladies should ask their doctor is about annual screenings to ensure that your body is in tip top shape. Don’t be shy, ask you doc to sign you up for an annual mammogram, colonoscopy or pap smear.


Am I within a Healthy Weight Range?

Carrying too much weight tends to cause all kinds of health problems, as does being underweight. You might not be too sure what your weight is, and if you do know, you might not know if it is healthy or not. Hop on the doctor’s scales and ask the doc if you’re in the right weight range for your height and age. Being a healthy weight can help you to avoid health conditions such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes.


How is My Blood Pressure?

Every time I go to the doctors and have my blood pressure done, they say a load of numbers to me and I’ve got no idea what they mean. When your doctor takes your blood pressure you should ask if it is okay, and if not how can you improve it. High blood pressure in senior ladies can lead to kidney disease, strokes and cardiovascular disease.


From Looking at My Family History, do You Think I Am at Risk of Any Diseases?

Chances are that if you’ve been with your doctor for years, they know your family history. However, other family members may have been diagnosed with illnesses since your doctor carried out their first family history questionnaire. Tell the doctor of any changes to your family history and ask them if you are at risk and if there are any precautions you can take to avoid the illness yourself.


Embarrassing Questions You’d Usually Avoid

These are probably the most embarrassing questions senior ladies should ask their doctor, but they still need to be asked! To be honest, the doctor has probably heard it and seen it all before. Whether it be about libido, the menopause, vaginal discomfort, bowel movements or incontinence, the doctor will know what to prescribe. Get these issues off your chest and out in the open. Your doctor will not judge; they will only want to help.


Am I Getting Enough Sleep?

The final one of the questions senior ladies should ask their doctor is how sleep is affecting your health. Lack of sleep contributes to diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and even heart disease. You need a full 7-8 hours to stay healthy. If you have trouble sleeping, then why not keep a diary of how much you sleep each night. Book in with your doctor and show them your diary so they can help you get some sleep.

Even if you feel in tip top condition and everyone comments how good you look for your age etc, it can only do you good to have your prime state of health confirmed at an annual checkup. You’re doing all the hard work to stay healthy and your doctor can help you in that. Have I missed any questions you think should be asked?

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