7 Tips to Maintain Good Health ...


7 Tips to Maintain Good Health ...
7 Tips to Maintain Good Health ...

Tips to maintain good health **— is there anyone who isn't always searching for these? It’s often said that the problem with western medicine is that it focuses on fixing medical problems rather than preventing them in the first place. Of course, some illnesses can’t be prevented, but it’s worth doing whatever we can to look after our health. Here are some tips to **maintain good health.

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Sleep - You Need Your Rest to Maintain Good Health!

This may not be so easy for parents, but a good night’s sleep really is essential. Our bodies use that time to repair themselves (and the brain needs a good rest as well). Just think of the difference between how you feel after a bad night, and how refreshed you feel after getting enough sleep. This is a tip to maintain good health that's not too difficult to implement, either.



We need to create a balance in our lives between our various activities and responsibilities. Spending too much time working can be to the detriment of our mental and physical health, and if you have too much to do at home and none for yourself it can be stressful. Try to pay attention to your own needs as well as those of other people.


Relaxation - Another Key to Maintain Good Health!

How hard it can be to switch off! Yet this is something that we really need to do, not just to fall asleep but also to relax, which is an important part of maintaining good health. Our lives and environments are so busy these days that we need to take time out and just chill, or do something that we enjoy.



And by way of contrast, getting up and doing some exercise is just as important for our health and well-being. Like many people, I have a desk-bound job, so I try to get out for a walk every day or a bike ride. Remember, use it or lose it! So find a form of exercise that you enjoy (it doesn’t have to be energetic, just get that body moving).



This may be against proper dietary advice, but I believe that you do yourself more harm worrying about a treat than by eating it. It’s about a sensible balance – you can enjoy a piece of cake if the main part of your diet is healthy. Psychologically, a treat will make you feel good. Just make sure that you get plenty of the nutrients your body needs from other, healthier foods.


Positive Outlook - an Easy Key to Maintain Good Health!

A positive mental attitude won’t cure all conditions, but it will help your overall health. If you feel negative, it seems to sap your strength, and then you feel even more negative. Don’t fall into that vicious circle – stay positive and boost your immune system.


Solve Problems

Feeling that problems are insurmountable can cause so much stress that it affects your physical health. The best way to deal with this is to confront the problems affecting you, and take charge of the situation. Once you start to feel in control, you will feel less stressed, and your health should improve (or not deteriorate).

We really should take responsibility for our own wellness and do what we can to maintain good health. It’s well-known that there is a link between mind and body – have you ever experienced this, and how do you look after your own health? Which of these tips do you find most helpful to maintain good health?

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