7 Signs You're in Good Health ...


7 Signs You're in Good Health ...
7 Signs You're in Good Health ...

People today tend to be a little overdramatic when it comes to their bodies. It seem like the twenty-first century is the era of the hypochondriac; we seem to expect that we all have to feel amazing one hundred per cent of the time, and, girls, to me that just doesn’t seem reasonable. I’ve put together this list of signs that you’re in great shape to help you identify a real problem if it ever comes along …

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You Can Climb Stairs

Girls, if you can happily take the stairs and skip the elevator every once in a while it shows that you’re fitter than you might think. A little puffing and panting when you get to the top is ok: as long as you can breathe and you’re not collapsing in a heap, chances are you’re cardio is up to scratch.


You Have Great Gums

If you can happily brush your teeth without bleeding, and your gums are firm and a healthy shade of pink, your risk of heart disease and stroke are significantly reduced. Gingivitis is can literally double your chance of these serious illnesses, so if you don’t have it, you’re just that little bit safer.


You Can Eat French Fries

Girls, if you can indulge in the odd carb-laden grease-fest every once in a while, or happily munch through a giant slab of chocolate cake, your metabolism and attitude to food are spot on. It’s time to worry when every French fry you eat shows up on your hips and you absolutely forbid yourself from even thinking about cup-cakes. A healthy body should be able to process a little junk food every now and then; so if yours can, that’s a good sign.


You Laugh

Ladies, laughing is really good for us. I’m not talking about the odd polite giggle, I’m thinking more along the lines of uncontrollable guffawing –the kind that makes you teary eyes and red in the face. If you find yourself overwhelmed by laughter every once in a while, chances are you’re in a good head space. Keep it up!


You Get Tired when You Haven’t Slept

Sleep is important to a healthy body. Experts agree that we need to get between 5 to 7 hours, and say also that we should go to bed at roughly the same time every night in order to ensure a good, regulated sleeping pattern. If you get tired when your schedule changes, it’s a sign that you’re rest time is structured in a routine way, and this, ladies, is good.


Your Senses Are Alert

A lot of people who smoke and drink a lot of strong alcohol on regular basis have dulled senses of taste and smell. If you can pick up on the scent of a perfume, or you react strongly to things that taste bad to you, it’s a sign that your olfactory and gustatory senses haven’t been dulled by harmful chemicals. In short, it shows that your lifestyle is a healthy one.


Basic Moisturiser Works

Your skin should be adequately nourished by simple, water based creams. Scales, flakes and ashy patches that recur even after consistent moisturising point to proper dehydration, a lack of vital nutrients or even a skin problem. Pinch the skin on your forearm: if it immediately flattens out when you let go, you’re healthily hydrated; if not you probably need to see your doctor, but in the mean time, drink a lot of fluids and put yourself on some vitamins.

What are your thoughts on this, ladies? Can you think of any other signs that you’re in good health? Share them; I’d love to hear from you!

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