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7 Easy to Remember Signs You Might Be Ovulating ...

By Melissa

Signs of Ovulation are different for different women. Some women always know when they are ovulating but others need to keep track with a calendar. There are many reasons to keep an eye out for the typical signs of ovulation. Whether you are trying to get pregnant or trying to avoid pregnancy, knowing the signs of ovulation is very important. Your body gives you little hints each month that tell you when you are fertile. Here are 7 easy to remember signs you might be ovulating.

1 Change in Cervical Fluid

As your body is about to release an egg for fertilization, it prepares an environment friendly to sperm. Your cervical fluid becomes wet and stretchy like egg whites, making it easier for sperm to move about. This is actually one of the surest signs of ovulation, but the change is a subtle one.

2 Cervical Position

Your cervix also changes position inside your body. As you enter ovulation, the cervix -- because soft -- the hole that leads from the vaginal canal to the uterus is more open, and the cervix is positioned higher. Some of these signs of ovulation may be hard to notice unless you start to pay attention to your cervix throughout your cycle.

3 Mid Cycle Spotting

Some women, but not all, experience spotting during the time of ovulation. Some believe the spotting is caused by the egg rupturing through the follicle during ovulation. If you are one that spots at ovulation, you may notice a brown discharge or blood about 10 to 14 days before you expect your next period to arrive.

4 Cramping or Pain

One of the most common signs of ovulation is pain or cramping on one side of the pelvis. Some women experience a slight cramping, similar to PMS cramps during ovulation. The main difference between this cramping and PMS is the cramping is only on one side of the pelvis. It is said this cramping is caused by the egg being released.

5 Increased Sex Drive

Can’t stop thinking about sex? This may be a sign that you're ovulating. If you notice an increased sex drive at times during your cycle, you may be ovulating. Our bodies are programmed to procreate, so naturally when we are most fertile, we are going to want to get down to business.

6 Super Senses

Who knew the signs of ovulation included super hero type powers? Some women experience heightened senses of sight, smell, and taste during ovulation. Look out for a change in your senses to see if this may be a clue for you too.

7 Change in Temperature

This sign of ovulation is a little harder to gauge, but can be a great indicator of when you are most fertile. Record your temperature every morning before getting out of bed and just upon waking. This is called your basal body temperature. You will notice for the first half of your cycle that your temperature stays the same. As you near ovulation, the temperature may take a dip followed by a spike. The spike in your temperature indicates ovulation has occurred.

As you know, a women’s body is a majestic and complicated thing, which is why some signs of ovulation are harder to detect than others. As we become more in tune with our bodies, we can better understand our hormones and pinpoint even the subtlest signs of ovulation. Learning all about your cycle is important, and it can give you some real insight into the way your body works. Have you noticed any of these 7 easy to remember signs of ovulation in your body?

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