7 Signs of ADHD ...


7 Signs of ADHD ...
7 Signs of ADHD ...

Living with a husband and a son with ADHD, I've seen first-hand what life is like for them. I will never know exactly how they feel and how their minds work, but I have a general idea from what they've told me over the years. Here are 7 signs of ADHD in kids that you should be aware of. It's often difficult to distinguish between kids being kids and kids showing signs of ADHD. I hope this short list will shed some light on the subject for you.

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Unable to Remained Focused on the Same Thing for Long Periods of Time

Unable to Remained Focused on the Same Thing for Long Periods of Time Not being able to stay on task long enough to finish a project is common among kids with ADHD. Some kids need to constantly be brought back from daydreaming and helped to refocus on the task at hand. There are some kids with ADHD who are able to concentrate on a particular thing that interests them, but remaining focused on this task tends to be very difficult.



Impulsive I've seen my younger son bounce from one idea to the next in a matter of seconds. He will get the urge to clean his room and then become side tracked when he finds the keys to his truck. The room is then left in disarray for another day and the truck gets driven around on the property for a bit.


Impulsive behavior is a common sign of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). It is characterized by an inability to control one’s impulses or to think before acting. People with impulsive behavior often act without considering the consequences of their actions. This can lead to risky behaviors such as taking risks or engaging in dangerous activities.

Impulsive behavior can manifest in a variety of ways, including interrupting other people, speaking without thinking, making hasty decisions, and acting without considering the consequences. Impulsive behavior can also manifest as physical outbursts, such as hitting or throwing objects.

Impulsive behavior can have a negative impact on a person’s life. It can lead to poor decision making, difficulty concentrating, and difficulty forming relationships. Additionally, people with impulsive behavior often struggle to complete tasks and have difficulty maintaining a job.



Hyperactive Just because a child is labeled as ADHD this doesn't mean that they are so hyperactive that they aren't able to control themselves at all. I've known some excellent cross country runners who had ADHD. They used the running as a way to use up some of their stored up energy from trying hard to sit still in class all day. This hyperactivity can be seen in very small children in the form of flitting from room to room, wiggling when seated, and basically trying to keep at least one body part moving at all times.


Lively Personality

Lively Personality I've never met a child with ADHD that was quiet, reserved, and basically a wallflower. These kids are the liveliest bunch of individuals I've ever met. Talk about loads of energy and ready for action at any time!


Extremely Creative

Extremely Creative When my son can sit still long enough to focus on a particular project he really wants to finish, his creativity shines. I bet if you can find something a child with ADHD is truly interested in, then you'll see the creative aspect I'm referring to shine.


Easily Distracted

Easily Distracted This is a common sign that most people assume all kids with ADHD have. They can become easily distracted, but only if they aren't interested in what they are doing. My son can focus on a movie he's wanted to watch and not hear a loud noise that goes off right beside him. My husband has been sitting right next to our son and said his name over and over again without a response. Talk about tunnel vision! This is a good example of just how focused kids with ADHD can be if they are truly interested in something.


Trouble following Directions

Trouble following Directions School-age children with ADHD often get into trouble most of the time because of their inability to follow directions. Kids with ADHD need a constant reminder of what needs to be done and how to do it. Making directions short and precise is a better way to present them to kids with ADHD. If you give a string of instructions to a child with ADHD he/she will still be thinking about the first or second direction and how it is going to be carried out while you are still explaining the rest of the directions. He/she might be looking at you while you are giving directions, but his/her mind isn't following along.

These 7 signs of ADHD in kids are ones that can be noticed by anyone who takes time to observe a child's behavior, instead of becoming frustrated with him/her. Don't give up on these kids or make them feel stupid. They are superb little beings, just like all kids are and just need someone to help them figure out what works best for their way of thinking. Have you had any experience with kids with ADHD?

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Everyone thinks they have ADHD these days when it's probably just a way to avoid real work.

Wow this is truly making me think... hmmm wonder if I am ADHD, I truly get bored easily. Sitting still in a class makes me CRAZY!

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