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We've all been there; the phase in life where you start discovering your own body and becoming curious of the bodies of other girls. Not necessarily in a sexual way, just wondering if everyone is made the same. Despite what you do know, or what you think you may know, here are 7 commonly asked questions about areolas, and their answers right here thanks to

1. What is Areola Pigmentation?

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Areola pigmentation is the color of the area surrounding the nipple. The area around the areola isn't always proportioned, and that's is natural. However, some women are born with very light areolas. The color is faint and barely noticeable so they wish to have that coloring enhanced.

For others, the areola color changes over time due to hormonal changes caused by childbirth or a medical condition.

And, for some extreme circumstances, such as breast removal, women want to have the natural appearance of an areola. So, they opt to have areola re-pigmentation surgery to enhance the look of their breasts.

Why Are Some Women's Areolas Brown and Others Pink?
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