11 Things to do when You Are Sick ...


There are lots of things to do when you are sick, things that will make you feel better and things to alleviate your boredom as you convalesce.

Since it's officially that time of year again, you might want to keep a checklist by your bed or on your desk, just so you know how best to pamper yourself and get back to your usual, sunny self.

Prevention is the best cure, but if you find yourself run down with a cold or the flu, here are some of the best things to do when you are sick so you won't get worse or go stir crazy.

1. Sleep and Sleep Some More

Sleep is one of the best things to do when you are sick.

You need your rest and you shouldn't feel bad if you sleep the night through but still feel like napping during the day.

Even if you've slept so much you feel like you'll go crazy if you close your eyes one more time, you can still relax.

Veg out on the couch or in bed, or take some time for yourself in the tub or the shower.

Just remember, even though it feels good, don't make the water too hot.

2. Load up on Fluids

Your mom always told you to drink your OJ when you were sick, and her advice still holds true.

You need plenty of fluids to rehydrate your body and boost your immune system, but you need the right kinds of beverages.

Fresh juices filled with vitamin C are ideal, and you should drink lots of water too.

That's not all, though ...

3. Include Plenty of Hot Beverages

Hot beverages are so good for you when you're sick.

They warm you from the inside out and provide you with much needed nutrients and vitamins.

Try some hot apple cider if you like, especially in the wintertime.

Teas are your best bet, though, and you can try all kinds.

A plain tea with some honey and lemon will make you feel loads better, but herbal teas, such as chamomile and lavender, will also help you.

Whenever possible, though, add in the lemon juice and honey, if they're to your liking.

You'll get a dose of vitamin C and the honey helps with inflammation.

Eat the Right Foods (when You Can)
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