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7 Detoxing Methods to Purge Your Body of Air Pollution ...

By Ali

Air pollution is a reality in our world; so it's more important than ever to have some great detoxing methods in your back pocket to help you combat the effects of toxic air. Latest evidence now shows how airborne toxins are a leading cause of cancer and many respiratory problems, which are key reasons to use detoxing methods to purge your body of these harmful chemicals. By adding a few easy strategies into your lifestyle, you can help keep an edge on the negative health implications of air pollution!

1 Happy Liver

There are an abundance of liver-happy foods that you can incorporate in your detoxing methods. Try to integrate more carrots, celery, limes, lemons and beets, as well as bitter greens like wheat-grass or dandelion, into your diet for optimum liver cleansing!

2 Probiotics

Air pollution takes a toll on our digestive health and can cause deteriorate the amount of healthy gut bacteria you have in your system. One way to increase your level of essential bacteria is to add a powerful probiotic to your current regime. Probiotics help keep your digestive system functioning properly and also helps keep your immune system in tip-top condition.


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3 Cruciferous Vegetables

Rich in fiber and nutrients, cruciferous vegetables contain compounds known as isothiocyanates, which have been shown to combat cancer. If your diet is lacking broccoli, bok choy, cabbage and Brussels sprouts, see if you can squeeze a few of these nutritious veggies into your day to help in your fight against cancer!

4 Water

Water is an essential part of the human body and incorporating an adequate amount of water in your diet is extremely important to improve your detoxing methods. Instead of reaching for that coffee when I am feeling sluggish, I always try a glass of water first for my afternoon energy boost! Try to aim for 60 ounces of purified water each day and you will notice great benefits to your energy and overall health!

5 Cleansing Spices

I love adding spices to my dishes to increase the flavor and benefits of each meal! There are so many wonderful and powerful spices to help in your fight against pollution; many of you may already be using these! Cilantro, cinnamon, ginger, parsley and turmeric are just a handful of the beneficial spices that can help purify the body and fight inflammation. Coupling your diet with the range of cleansing spices available is a delicious and healthy way to increase your detox efforts.

6 Raw Foods

By incorporating uncooked fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds into your diet, you can help to alkalize the blood and detox the colon, liver and other essential systems. Eating foods in their purest form is an excellent way to provide your body with an optimum level of nutrition – I bet many of you already do!

7 Juicing

There's no need to go on a full juice cleanse to reap the benefits of juicing; simply adding an organic raw juice to your diet can greatly increase your health! Some cleansing fruits and vegetables include apples, beets, celery, kale and other dark leafy greens. Always aim to find cleansing fruits and vegetables that are organic to improve your juicing efforts and try to steer away from any bottled options, as freshly juiced fruits and vegetables are your best bet!

Due to the overwhelming air, water and food pollution has made it more important than ever to ensure you are regularly purifying your body by cleansing your colon, liver and other organs. To combat the negative effects on your immune system, I suggest keeping a few of these strategies in mind to help your fight against air pollution! What detoxing methods have you found to work best for you?

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