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Do These Things Every Morning for a Natural Detox ...

By Neecey

I prescribe to the notion that if you eat right and exercise regularly, there is no need to go on any specific detox. There is nothing natural about starving your body of vital nutrients for a day (totally ineffectual) or for a week (dangerously unhealthy). Your body detoxes naturally if you eat the right things in the right proportions. And there are things you can do each morning to boost your body’s detox powers.

1 Stick to Your Alarm and Get up when It Goes off

ifrlo, paris, tumblr, One of the first steps to achieving a natural detox is to make sure you get up with your alarm in the morning. Though hitting that snooze button and grabbing an extra ten minutes sleep might seem like the best idea at the time, one of the worst things you can do is allow your body to enter in another sleep cycle, it will only be harder to drag yourself out of it and you will feel fatigued all day.

2 Drink a Glass of Lemon Water to Stimulate Your Digestion

food, dish, produce, drink, cuisine, Lemon is not only good for when you have a cold, it is also good for stimulating digestion, releasing toxins from your liver, giving your system a much needed boost of vitamin C and kick-starting digestive enzymes. For an even bigger and better detox effect, you might want to try adding some organic apple cider or a sprinkle of sea salt in to the mixture.


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3 Scrape Your Tongue to Get Rid of Icky Bacteria

person, screenshot, It might sound like a gross thing to have to do, but scraping your tongue can be really beneficial. Doing this every morning helps to remove bacteria that can contribute to poor digestion throughout the day. The best routine to have is to brush your teeth first, and then use a tongue scraper from back to front to get rid of as much of the white film as you can.

4 Dry Brush Skin to Make It Glow

white, black, black and white, photograph, woman, You need a dedicated skin brush to be able to really do this properly, but they are relatively inexpensive. Dry brushing your skin has many benefits, including cellulite reduction, lymphatic drainage, digestion promotion and an improved blood flow in certain areas. Always brush in a circular motion, moving from your limbs towards your heart.

5 Eat a Good Breakfast to Start the Day off Healthy

human action, hair, nose, person, pink, Our mothers were not lying when they repeatedly told us that breakfast was the most important meal of the day! Filling your body with the appropriate fuels after you have woken up can make the difference between having a healthy or an unhealthy day, as not paying attention to your breakfast can encourage snacking later on. Having a wholesome and healthy breakfast that includes protein, such as muesli, some eggs or a big smoothie can set really set you up for the day in the right way.

6 Drink Green Tea to Aid Detoxification

cup, saucer, coffee cup, drink, tea, Something else you could incorporate in to your new breakfast routine is switching your normal drink for green tea. We all know it’s no fun giving up coffee, but green tea boosts your metabolism, has beauty boosting antioxidant properties and there is still a little bit of caffeine in it for those who can’t face going completely cold turkey!

7 Drink a Cold Pressed Juice to Amp up Your Nutrition

bride, wedding, ceremony, marriage, It might sound like you're packing in a lot at breakfast time but this is another great way to not only make sure you're getting enough fluids but also boosting your metabolism for the day and getting a dose of healthy nutrition.


structure, room, sport venue, muscle, arm, As with most health kicks, exercise is pretty much unavoidable! You can incorporate extra movement in to your morning routine by perhaps making the decision not to drive to work, instead walking if you can or cycling if it is further. Getting your heart rate slightly up in the morning sets you up for a great metabolism for the rest of the day. However, if you can face ti, a sweat session can do wonders. Sweating is crucial for expelling toxins so do an intensive workout and put on extra layers to up the perspiration factor.

9 Get Inverted to Improve Your Circulation and Cardiovascular Functions

Brooklyn Bridge, street, mmmmmmittln, Seriously - start every day with either a handstand or headstand. Do it against a wall if you have to - the benefits are the same. The benefits of inversion include promoting better function in your cardiovascular, lymphatic, endocrine and nervous systems, stimulating the lymphatic system, and aiding in blood purification.

10 Water Your Plants

performance art, You're probably wondering wtf has watering your plants as part of your morning routine got to do with detox. Healthy plants mean a healthy home. choose plants that are known to help purify the air and look after them with TLC. Peace lilies, ferns and palms are great natural air filters.

11 Turn Your Shower into Hydrotherapy

underwater, screenshot, computer wallpaper, fictional character, Hydrotherapy exists in various forms but is essentially using water for various benefits. Cold water stimulates blood vessels to constrict and hot water relaxes and dilates blood vessels. Alternating them stimulates circulation, improves elimination and decreases inflammation. You can enjoy these benefits by switching between hot and cold water in your shower.

12 Take a Detox Bath

Ok, so you don't have to do this one every morning. Just once a week, set your alarm for 30-60 minutes earlier than usual. Taking a detox bath instead of a shower is cleansing inside and out. Run a relaxing bath, add your favorite detox blend and soak your cares away.

13 Evacuate Your Bowels

room, interior design, need, the, toilet!, Ok, so this isn't a subject we generally like to talk about, but emptying your bowels is a natural detox process. If you don't poop and urinate regularly, toxins build up. Keep your bowels healthy by eating plenty of fiber. Include some fiber in your breakfast and you're on track with this routine.

14 Get outside in the Fresh Air

mountainous landforms, geographical feature, grassland, ecosystem, pasture, Instead of just walking to your car, find ways to switch up your commute to breathe in fresh air. Or, have your breakfast alfresco when the weather permits. And it's not just fresh air, you need to be exposed to sunlight to promote your vitamin D.

15 Meditate to Find Your Inner Zen

hair, face, blond, hairstyle, beauty, Detoxing isn't just about your body, Your mind needs TLC too. Meditation is amazing for you in so many ways. It takes a bit of practice until you can get into "the zone" but starting the stay with 5-15 minutes of meditation to start your day will make you happy, healthy and wise.

Your body will do right by you, if you treat it right. It prefers natural and routine over shocks and surprises so don’t treat it badly with a punishing detox.

Do you do detoxes like juicing or eating carrots only? Do you think that is better than building detoxing into your natural routine?

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