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The Best Home Remedies for a Cold ...

By Neecey

Oh yes! It's cold and cough season again. That means either filling up your bathroom cabinet with a pile of store bought medicines or you can make home remedies as and when (or if , if you're lucky) you need them.

1 Homemade Cough and Cold Syrup

Homemade Cough and Cold SyrupSource: Homemade Cough and Cold Syrup
Kick your cold and cough and boost your immunity at the same time

2 Natural Cold and Sore Throat Remedy

Natural Cold and Sore Throat RemedySource: Apple Cider Vinegar Cold Remedy
Apple cider vinegar is something that should be in your kitchen cupboard all year round.


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Does agave help sore throat

3 Cold & Flu Aromatherapy Shower Bombs

Cold & Flu Aromatherapy Shower BombsSource:
Get to work on your cold in a steamy bath.

4 Natural Flu Fighting Tea

Natural Flu Fighting TeaSource: Flu Fighting Tea Recipe: All
Tea to soothe your symptoms and boost your immunity. this is based on echinacea tea.

5 Miracle Tea

Miracle TeaSource: Somerset Lane: Winter Cold Miracle
Just 3 ingredients needed for this.

6 Home Sore Throat Remedy

Home Sore Throat RemedySource: The Best Sore Throat Soother
Cheap and easy sore throat soother you can make at home

7 Homemade Cough Drop

Homemade Cough DropSource: Homemade Cough Drops - The
These natural homemade cough drops are made with raw honey and immune boosting coconut oil!

8 Home Remedy for Sore Throat, Hacking Cough, Tight Congestion

Home Remedy for Sore Throat, Hacking Cough, Tight CongestionSource:
The magic ingredient is cayenne pepper.

9 Pineapple Cough Syrup

Pineapple Cough SyrupSource: All Natural DIY Pineapple Cough
I love pineapple so I'd give this a try.

10 Homemade Cough Drops

Homemade Cough DropsSource: Pop off and go loco!
Honey, cayenne, garlic, ginger and citrus - all known for their anti-bacterial properties.

11 DIY Detox Bath

DIY Detox BathSource: How To Get Rid Of
This detox recipe is quick and easy and you probably have everything you need in your cupboard.

12 Homemade Natural Spicy Cider Decongestant and Expectorant

Homemade Natural Spicy Cider Decongestant and ExpectorantSource: Homemade Natural Spicy Cider Decongestant
You can try this for sinusitis too.

13 Homemade Bourbon Cough Syrup

Homemade Bourbon Cough SyrupSource: Recipe: Bourbon Cough Syrup for
A good excuse for a tot of alcohol.

14 Fire Cider

Fire CiderSource: Winter Preparations- Fire Cider
Fire cider is highly antimicrobial, antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal making it perfect to use against all colds and flus

15 "Golden Milk"

"Golden Milk"Source: “Golden milk” for cold, flus
The gold comes from turmeric.


OVERNIGHT ONION POULTICESource: Foodie Patoodie!: Foodie Fix-It: Overnight
Sounds like a very smelly way to get rid of a cold. I guess if your nose is congested you might not notice.

17 Echinacea Tincture

Echinacea TinctureSource: How to Make Echinacea Tincture
Echinacea is one of the herbalist favorites for fighting cold and flu symptoms.

18 Sage & Honey Cough Syrup

Sage & Honey Cough SyrupSource: Simple Medicine: Sage and Honey
Nothing else for me to say as the pic says it all.

19 The Flu Buster Juice

The Flu Buster JuiceSource: The Flu Buster Juice
Kick your cold into touch.

20 Honey Infused Garlic

Honey Infused GarlicSource: DIY: Immune Boosting Honey Infused
Put two of Mother Nature's most powerful ingredients to work on your cold.

21 Cold Remedy Chicken Soup

Cold Remedy Chicken SoupSource: Cold Remedy Chicken Soup
AKA Jewish medicine.

22 Mucus Buster Cold & Flu Home Remedy

Mucus Buster Cold & Flu Home RemedySource: Mucus Buster Homemade Cold &
Look after yourself the natural way.

23 Herbal Steam

Herbal SteamSource: Home Remedy for Congestion The
Steams help with easier breathing and relieving congestion.

24 Flu Buster Clementine Creamsicle

Flu Buster Clementine CreamsicleSource: Flu-Buster Clementine Creamsicle Smoothie —
Could a cold remedy sound any more delicious?

25 Cold-Busting Coconut Gummies

Cold-Busting Coconut GummiesSource: Cold Busting Coconut Gummies
A great remedy for the kids.

26 Elderberry Syrup

Elderberry SyrupSource: Making Medicinal Elderberry Syrup
another of nature's little wonders when it comes to cold remedies.

27 Hot Orange Spice Drink

Hot Orange Spice DrinkSource: StumbleUpon
This sounds delicious enough for when you haven't got a cold.

28 Honey Flavored Homemade Cough Lollipops

Honey Flavored Homemade Cough LollipopsSource: Honey Flavored Homemade Cough Lollipops
Soothe coughing and wheezing with the help of these yummy homemade lollipops.

29 Honey & Onion Chest Cold Remedy

Honey & Onion Chest Cold RemedySource: Honey & Onion Chest Cold
Use this to eliminate mucus.

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