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The Northern Hemisphere winter is drawing in and that means heavy coats and boots and coughs, colds, sneezes and flu. How many of us suffer? The old adage is to feed a cold and starve a fever! It’s no wonder that chicken soup is classed as Jewish medicine. Finding ways to treat a cold can be difficult; do we follow the old wives tales- some of which are pretty revolting - or rather just lie in bed and hope that it all goes away? I’ve compiled a handy list of 7 Unbelievably Simple but Highly Effective Ways to Treat a Cold that should help you in combating one of the major irritants of winter. Please, read on to find out what more you can be doing to treat the little nasty!

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Get Plenty of Rest

The best thing you can day to treat a cold is quite simply to sleep. Although it may seem like you’re being dramatic, sleeping in a warm bed under a blanket will help your body to focus its energy on combating the virus that is lurking in your body. The immune system works best when it’s able to concentrate on the task, without you getting too tired.


Stay Hydrated

Doctors are always telling us to drink fluids when we’re ill, and there is a good reason for that. Liquids, especially hot liquids, will help to keep your body functioning. A hot fluid will open up your nasal passages and clear blockages that have formed due to the cold. Chicken soup is the most common choice of hot liquid, as we often don’t particularly fancy a cup of coffee when we’re ill – we can do without the caffeine, too.


Wash Your Hands

When your immune system is already low, you don’t want to introduce any more bacteria into your body. Always make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly before handling and eating food, regardless of whether or not you are already ill.


Gargle Regularly

Gargling with salt water a few times a day can help to treat sore throats and fight infections that may be brewing. The water should be warm and strong (2 teaspoons of table salt per cup) and make sure that you don’t swallow any, because it could make you vomit. Make sure that you are gargling in your bathroom and not in the kitchen, so that you aren’t spreading germs need any food preparation areas.


Consume Vitamin C

When your immune system is at its lowest, you want to make sure that you have as much Vitamin C as possible. Citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons are full of Vitamin C, but you can also buy capsules and vitamin tablets that work just as well. If you are sick you may not want to eat an orange, so having a supply of tablets is a good idea.


Steam Yourself

Humidifiers are a wonderful tool when you are sick, as the virus cannot travel in moist air. A dry environment is bad for your recovery, so having a hot shower or using a humidifier is fantastic. If you have a shower, you will not only be steaming yourself but also will be helping to relax your body.


Eat Garlic

It may not be the most appetizing thought in the world, but a good way to treat a cold is to consume garlic. Garlic soup ticks both the warm fluid and garlic boxes, but raw garlic works the best – you may not have many people kissing you, but it’ll help to clear your cold up.

That’s my list of 7 Unbelievably Simple but Highly Effective Ways to Treat a Cold! I hope that you have learnt from my ways of fighting those nasty germs (I’ve had plenty of experience over the years) and can possibly use them the next time you have to treat a cold. Please feel free to comment suggesting any other ways that I may have missed out!

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