8 Healthy and Medically Sound Ways to Avoid a Cold ...


8 Healthy and Medically Sound Ways to Avoid a Cold ...
8 Healthy and Medically Sound Ways to Avoid a Cold ...

The common cold: the arch enemy of many a woman (and well, just about everyone). It’s hard to avoid a cold. The runny noses and persistent coughing mean that colds spread around people like wildfire, resulting in even more annoyances and painful hours. Of course, it’s even worse if your man catches a cold because naturally it is never just a sniffle but full blown man flu. We girls just soldier on – right? No-one wants to catch a cold but sometimes it just seems inevitable – but maybe not. Read on for my list of 8 Healthy and Medically Sound Ways to Avoid A Cold to find out more.

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Everybody needs sleep. With our busy lifestyles we need even more sleep if we are to remain healthy and strong to fight off any nasties that may be lurking around in the air. It can be hard to encourage ourselves to go to bed, but a firm stance on no TV and more reading before bed can help to tire us out quickly. Plus, the sooner we are in bed the sooner we can get some shut-eye so we can get better quickly too! Your own sleep is time for your body to regenerate and be healthy, so this advice is critical to getting healthy.


Immune System

We all need to keep our immune systems in working order, but few of us know how exactly to do that for the best. Stocking up on oranges and garlic can help to give you the Vitamin C and antioxidants that you need to keep yourself healthy. The stronger your immune system, the easier you will fight off germs before they become a cold.


Wash Your Hands

A reason that people tend to get sick is because their basic personal hygiene leaves a lot to be desired. Making sure that both you and your loved ones wash their hands thoroughly before eating and preparing any food will help to make sure that everybody does not have to battle excessive hoards of bacteria.


Water, Water Everywhere

It’s a fact of life that one of the ways to avoid a cold is to make sure you are drinking your recommended 8 glasses of water per day. Doctors are always advising us to drink plenty of fluids when we are sick, so follow their advice!



It probably seems as if everyone is telling you that you need to exercise, but it honestly is a proven way to avoid a cold. Not only will taking a brisk walk help your immune system, but the fresh air will clear blocked noses and get some nice air into your lungs. You haven’t got to go out running, but rather just take a stroll to the shops or a leisurely walk through the park.


Eat Dark Chocolate

Honestly girls, it’s true. You finally have an excuse to munch on a piece of chocolate every day! As an antioxidant, dark chocolate will help to keep the immune system in working order. It will also help to boost your mood, and, well, it tastes good.


Stay Warm

You have to make sure that you are warm, but not too warm. Germs will breed in the heat, so try to regulate the temperature to a comfortable level. If it’s too hot, you will find yourself freezing when you go outside – if it’s too cold, you are much more likely to get a cold!


Take Relaxing Baths

My eighth way to avoid a cold is one that you will enjoy – take a relaxing bath or shower after a hard day at work. It will instantly make you feel better and relax you, helping you to sleep better. Dry off into some toasty PJs and get straight into bed – perfect.

Thank you very much for reading my list of 8 Healthy And Medically Sound Ways To Avoid A Cold. During the winter months we all find ourselves constantly having to battle bacteria and viruses, so by following these simple ways to avoid a cold you should keep yourself as safe and healthy as possible. There are a lot of good tips here, but do you have any other ways to keep yourself fit and healthy during the cold and flu season?

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