8 Wonderful Ways to Keep Warm in Winter ...


8 Wonderful Ways to Keep Warm in Winter ...
8 Wonderful Ways to Keep Warm in Winter ...

It can be hard to keep warm in winter (unless you´re lucky enough to live in one of those countries where winter is in the 70s). Where I live is fairly mild in winter, but we still experience a chilly period. It´s very important to keep warm in winter, and not just for the elderly. Being cold is just not nice anyway! So here are some handy tips on how to stay warm in winter.

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Go Where Someone else Pays the Bills

My flat is not centrally heated, and when the weather gets cold I have to rely on a heater that uses bottled gas. So during the cold weather I often go to the library to work. This is an ideal way to keep warm in winter! Go to the library to work, read or surf the internet. In fact., search out any nice warm place where you don´t have to pay the bills!


Borrow from Your Boyfriend

Men´s socks are the best in winter, as they tend to be longer and so keep your calves lovely and warm. If your boyfriend´s socks are a bit too smelly to borrow, or you don´t have a boyfriend, then buy some for yourself (this works best if you don´t have dainty little feet).


Brisk Walk

One great way to keep warm in winter is to go for a brisk walk. This will not only warm you up, but you can also get some exercise as well. Not to mention a nice healthy glow! Don´t forget your scarf, gloves and hat, and if it´s particularly cold put some moisturiser on your face to protect it.


Lots of Layers

The older generation have long since known one effective way of keeping warm in winter – wearing layers of clothing. This no doubt stems from the fact that they didn´t have nice warm centrally-heated houses. Putting an extra layer on may also help you keep the bills down (which can be pretty high these days).



Try some of the simple ways of keeping a house warm. Take advantage of natural heat from the sun if you have south-facing windows – that room will be warmer. Use rugs if you don´t have carpets (wooden floors are so cold!), always close the curtains once it gets dark, and use draught excluders.


Cosy Beds

Do you find it difficult to keep warm at night? Place a blanket on top of the mattress and under the sheet. It might seem odd to put a blanket underneath you, rather than on top, but it really does add warmth. And don´t forget to put that hot water bottle in a bit before going to bed.


Hearty Hot Meals

If you´re tempted to just make a sandwich or salad for lunch, think again. Something hot and filling will keep you warm for longer. Think dishes like lentil soup, or a baked potato. Even a toasted sandwich will be better than something cold.


Partner up

Finally, one of the nicest ways to keep warm is to steal someone else´s body heat! Snuggling up with your partner is not only fun – it´s an excellent way to keep each other warm. If you've got a cat, try to persuade it to curl up on your lap (mine also does double duty as a hot water bottle at night).

Keeping warm in winter can seem impossible, but there are lots of ways in which it can be done. If you find yourself shivering, work your way through these tips and you´ll be snug and warm in no time. There´s also a psychological boost when you keep warm in winter – it doesn´t feel so dismal! What is your foolproof way of keeping warm in winter, especially if you live in a really cold climate?

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