7 Tips for Kicking Fall Colds ...


7 Tips for Kicking Fall Colds ...
7 Tips for Kicking Fall Colds ...

Fall Cold symptoms are on the way, I guarantee it. Much as I love autumn, I always know that cold and flu season is right around the corner. When I was a kid and could get out of school for the day, being sick with a fall cold didn't bother me that much. Now that I'm older (and I don't have my mom bringing me juice, books, and chicken soup), it's not fun anymore. If you just don't have time to deal with a fall cold, don't worry! Here are some fantastic tips for both preventing and kicking those pesky germs!

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Wash Your Hands – a Lot

The most common way to catch a fall cold is sharing germs with other people. That happens when you touch things like phones, door knobs, and so on, that someone else as touched when they're sick. You know how people do – they sneeze into their hands or wipe their noses, and then go on about their day. I've done it before myself, I'm ashamed to say. So, keep the hand sanitizer nearby!


Try Hot Tea with Lemon and Honey

If you feel like you're getting a cold or already have one, hot tea is a great remedy. However, it's even better if you add lemon juice and honey to it. It soothes sore throats, opens up clogged sinuses, and just generally makes you feel warm and cozy.


Consider a Flu Shot

Flu shots are kind of controversial, so this only applies to those of you who aren't against them. If you don't like the idea of them, that's totally fine. And you shouldn't necessarily do it at the first sign of a fall cold. Rather, it's only when a cold lingers and lingers that it has a higher risk of turning into the flu.


Stay Active and Exercise

When you're sick, it's tempting to just chill out, lay around, and not do anything. Unless you're really, really sick, though, you need to keep moving. I'm definitely not saying you shit get all sweaty and out of breath at the gym, though. Just take a walk or something like that – take it easy, but keep it active.


Stop Smoking

Smoking seriously exacerbates fall cold symptoms. It messes with your lungs, your chest, and your throat. If you are a smoker and not quite ready to quit, at least try to stay away from it while you're sick. Moderate it, at the very least, because you'll get better faster.


Eat Right

Eating the right foods is really important when you're sick. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and things like chicken soup are good for you all the time, especially when you're sick. However, you also need to make sure you eat three squares a day, and definitely don't skip breakfast!


Gargle with Salt Water

Salt water, inexplicably, really helps with sore throats. If you can't stand the thought, just gargling with warm water or with warm water and honey will help too – and add a little lemon juice too. But seriously, can anyone tell me why gargling with salt water is a good idea when you've got a sore throat?

Dealing with a fall cold is awful. It's still pretty and warm enough outside right now that having a stuffy nose or a sore throat is exacerbated by the frustration of not being out in the sunshine. Worse, a fall cold can lead to the flu, which is why getting a flu shot is an option if you agree with such things. Next time, we'll have to talk about the best home remedies for dealing with a fall cold. What are some of your favorite home remedies when you're sick?

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