7 Simple Ways to Prevent a Cold ...


7 Simple Ways to Prevent a Cold ...
7 Simple Ways to Prevent a Cold ...

Avoiding colds is going to be on everybody´s minds in the coming months. As the season changes, colds are hanging around, waiting to get us! Who wants to spend days sneezing and coughing? Prevention is better than cure, so finding ways of avoiding colds makes sense. There are a number of things that you can do to reduce your chances of catching a cold. Here are some simple ways to prevent a cold …

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Including lots of garlic in your diet can help in avoiding colds, as it is believed to have antiviral properties. So try to eat a clove of garlic every day (NOT the entire bulb!). If the smell of garlic breath is too much for your loved one or colleagues, then opt for garlic capsules instead – you´ll still get the benefits but not the dreaded garlic breath!


Vitamin C

A vitamin C supplement can be a useful weapon in your cold-fighting arsenal. Do make sure to take it before symptoms start. Supplements on their own are no substitute for a good diet though, so do include plenty of fruit and vegetables in your diet, especially those high in vitamin C, like kiwi fruit.



One of the best ways to prevent a cold in my experience is to consume chilies daily. If you like spicy food then give this method a go. When I eat chilies regularly, I hardly ever get colds. If I eat chilies much less, then I catch a lot more colds. So this can be a really tasty way of preventing colds!


Hand Washing

Hygiene is a really important way of preventing colds. Always wash your hands after using the bathroom, before preparing food, and after shaking hands with someone. That might sound a bit extreme, but you don´t know if they are carrying the cold germs. It´s very easy to then transmit the germs and infect yourself, so hand washing is essential.



Another aspect of avoiding colds is the use of tissues. We´ve all been caught on occasions by a sneeze, but it really is disgusting how some people don´t even try to cover a sneeze. So they manage to spread germs everywhere! Keep a pack of tissues handy in your desk and bag, and dispose of them after use.


Avoid Touching Your Face

How many times do we touch our face without thinking? This is a really easy way of ensuring that we get a cold, as the mucous membranes of the eyes and nose are very vulnerable. So try to avoid touching these areas unless your hands are very clean.


Stop Smoking

Smokers are very vulnerable to catching colds and it is known that they catch more than non-smokers do. So that´s a great reason to quit smoking! A smoker will generally have worse colds as well. And for non-smokers, try to avoid other people´s smoke, so that you don´t suffer the effects even without being a smoker yourself.

As is often observed, scientists can do all sorts of things these days, but they still haven´t found a way to cure the common cold! Until they do, it´s up to us to do what we can to protect ourselves from contagion. Try these tips, and see what works for you. Of all the ways to prevent a cold, have you found any that always work for you?

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7 Simple Ways to Prevent a Cold ...Basic! (via Twitter)

too late... :P

Hand washing isn't always possible . Keep a small bottle or rubbing alcohol in your purse or car along with a paper towel . After getting in car I always wipe off the hands .

"Prevention is Better Than Cure" 7 Simple Ways to Prevent a Cold ... (via Twitter)

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