7 Reasons to Drink More Water in Winter ...


7 Reasons to Drink More Water in Winter ...
7 Reasons to Drink More Water in Winter ...

Reasons to Drink More Water will help save your skin and body from suffering this winter. The harsh cold air can be hard on our bodies, and drinking more water can help in more ways than one! Drinking enough water is a habit you should practice year round, so why not start this winter?

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Clearer Skin

Bodies that don’t consume enough water have a tendency toward break outs on the skin. Drinking water helps remove impurities from our bodies. If we don’t drink enough water, these impurities have to find a new escape route… like our pores! This reason to drink more water will help you have clearer, healthier skin this winter.


Better Digestion

Consuming plenty of water each day helps our bodies digest the food we eat much more easily. During the winter months, many of us gain a few extra pounds. Drinking water will help reduce weight gain by helping our bodies properly process the food we consume. Drinking ice cold water is even said to help burn calories!



Did you know that the number one cause of daytime fatigue is dehydration? If you are one of those people who must have a caffeine blast mid-day, you just might be dehydrated. Without ample amounts of water, our bodily functions slow down and use up extra energy. This reason to drink more water will help you feel better during the cloudy, dreary days this winter.


Fight Weight Gain

This reason to drink more water will keep you from gaining extra pounds this winter. Many times, our brains misinterpret thirst for hunger, causing us to eat unnecessarily. If you feel hungry shortly after a meal, perhaps you should try drinking a tall glass of water before grabbing a snack.



Drinking more water will help to detoxify your body. Drinking water helps push impurities and waste through our bodies in order to keep us healthy and energized. As one of the best reasons to drink more water, this is especially important during the winter months when we have a tendency to be more sedentary.


Healthier & Brighter Skin

When we don’t drink enough water, our skin becomes dehydrated just like our bodies do. Dehydrated skin has a dull, scaly appearance that can be avoided by consuming plenty of water each day. Dull skin can be even more of a problem during the winter months due to the weather. The harsh, cold winter air can chap our skin and the dry air from the heaters in our homes can dehydrate and further dull our complexions.


Water Loss

Just because you don’t sweat as much during the winter months as you do during the summer does not mean that your body isn’t losing water. During the winter, water vapor escapes from our bodies through our breath. You can see it escaping…it’s the steam that comes out of your mouth when you’re outside in the freezing cold air. This is one of the most essential reasons to drink more water because it will help you during both the winter and summer months.

Reasons to drink more water are important reminders when you’re having trouble consuming plenty of water each day. Drinking water will increase your health and immunity all around. Water is necessary for our bodies to complete their necessary functions. What is your reason for keeping hydrated?

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