7 Ways to Workout at Home This Winter ...


7 Ways to Workout at Home This Winter ...
7 Ways to Workout at Home This Winter ...

There are plenty of ways to workout at home that can give us just as good a workout as being outside or at the gym. Working out at the gym or outside is not always possible with weather, the traffic, and our always busy lifestyles. But, that is no reason to skip a day of working out. Here are some quick and simple ways to workout at home that will help get us ready for bikini season before the snow has stopped its falling.

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Get Some Instruction

Just because we are working out at home does not mean we need to go it alone. There are some fantastic, and free, online videos to get a great home workout. If you have a goal of getting a six pack in six weeks, Jillian Michaels can help you do it! Both her six pack in six week ab workout routines are available on youtube for free and in their entirety. Check-out Amanda Russell, on youtube, if you are wanting some quick but effective home workouts as well! These free instructions are one of the best ways to work out at home.


Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are a great alternative to free weights and much easier to store. Sites like Amazon.com have resistance band bundles that are as inexpensive as $20 and have the weight equivalent of 3 to 202 pounds. Most bundles also come with guides for use and some pre-made routines, yes please. Bands do wonders for toning and can be used for many of the same workouts as free weights.



Yoga is one of my weekly home workout go-to’s for a healthy body and relaxed mind. It is wonderful for toning and can help stretch those achy, winter muscles. Different yoga routines can also help with health issues, stress, digestion, and, even sleep. There are some great yoga guides online if you are unsure about group yoga or cannot make it to a class. Podcasts like Yogamazing and Yoga Journal have flows for everyone from the novice to the expert yogi.


Get a Routine

Getting in a workout routine is an important part of making sure we workout at home. It can be easy to push back working out until after that show is over or after cleaning out that ridiculously messy closet - procrastination, anyone? Pick specific times and activity to do and stick to this schedule so you don’t inadvertently miss a workout day. My go-to routine is five days a week with every other day cardio and yoga or toning on the non-cardio days.


Add Planks into a Routine

Planks are one of those wonder workout moves that can be done a handful of different ways and work almost the entire body. Adding these to the end of any workout will give your routine that extra kick toward success. Some of of my favorite plank positions include lizard walks, lowered plank, side plank dips, and plank toe rolls. You can even do all of these together for a plank-tastic workout! I like to complete a set amount of each with some down dog stretching in between.


Stay Warm

Keeping muscles warm while working out can burn a few extra calories and reduce the risk of injury. I try to wear three layers while working out in the winter. That way, I can shed the extra insulation as my body heats up, but do not have to worry about being chilly when beginning. Remember to start every work out with a warm-up as well. This can be as simple as jumping jacks or jogging in place for 30 seconds at a time.



Getting a great cardio workout at home is easier than you may have thought. My favorite home cardio routine starts with a one minute jump rope warm up, then goes to one minute of knee ups, kick backs, burpees, chair kicks (one minute per side), mountain climbers, front and back kempo kicks (one minute per side), and speed skaters. Do three sets and take a one minute break between each. The entire workout takes 30 minutes and burns upwards of 300 calories.

Working out does not have to be a chore and working out from home can be a great way to burn some extra calories! What are some of your favorite ways to workout at home?

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I never thought to look at you tube for free work out videos... Thank you!!!

I love Gillian Michael's 30 Day Shred, it's only 20 minutes a day and it really works!

I have not tried the 30 Day Shred but am going to look it up now, thanks!!

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