8 Tips for Working out at Home ...


8 Tips for Working out at Home ...
8 Tips for Working out at Home ...

Work Out at Home **or work out at the gym -- it's all the same as long as you're getting the exercise! I work from home, so most of the time, I also **work out at home. It's hard to stay motivated to work out at home, especially with the couch RIGHT THERE. But I got some very good advice from my personal trainer, and thought I'd share some of it with you. Here are 8 tips for working out at home.

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Do It Daily

If you only work out at home when it's convenient, when you don't have anything else going on, then girl, you'll never get there. There's always laundry, or dishes, or TV... commit to working out daily, and make it happen!


Set Aside Time

Not only will you have to motivate yourself to work out every day, you ought to set aside a certain time of day to work out. Before you wake up the kids for school? After they're on the bus? Pick a time, and make it yours, just for working out at home. If you can set an hour aside without distractions for Grey's Anatomy, you can do it for working out too.


Get a Good DVD

This is one of the keys to get a good work out at home: get a good DVD, one that kicks your butt every day! I highly recommend Tony Horton's P90X, but there are literally thousands of DVDs to choose from. Ask around, rent some from the library, and find a program that works for you!


Wear Real Workout Clothes

I've tried working out in my pajamas, and it is so, so hard to be motivated! But for some reason, when I change into my workout clothes, I feel like it's time to work out, and that mind-set does wonders for my motivation. Try it!


Be Prepared

Gather everything you'll need for your workout, just like you would if you were going to the gym. If you're doing your exercises at home, you'll still need a towel, water bottle, hair tie, whatever. Make sure you have them before you start your workout.


Get the Whole Family Involved!

If you're a stay at home mom, then you might feel like you can't set aside an hour to work out at home because you've got kids to entertain. Why not get them involved? They might not be able to complete the arms day of P90X (and they probably shouldn't try), but let them get involved, go through the motions. It's an excellent example for them, and you get to sneak in your workout!


Refresh Once in a While

Doing the same old workout at the gym gets boring, and so will doing the same old work out. Change it up a bit once in a while! Add a new DVD or a new exercise to keep it fresh and exciting.


Do It in the Morning!

What a great way to get some energy going early in the day! Doing your work out at home, before the rest of your day begins, ensures you'll actually do it, and that it won't keep you up at night (like it would if you tried to workout at night).

As you can see, it's just as easy to work out at home, just as long as you're disciplined! Now that you've read my little list, do you think you'll feel more motivated and more able to work out at home? I know I did, once my personal trainer get me going! Which of these tips do you think will help convince you to lace up your trainers, get off the couch, and work out at home? Do tell!

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thanks Denise...yes coming straight from my own experience...i hv kept a small room, earlier my dad's office room :p there's about 8X5 feet space which is perfect for me since there's no distraction at all... i close the door whenever im working out, and voila! i'm all by myself...into another world :)

great tips jennifer :) another one i'd like to add is 'fixing a place'..as it can get diffi & demotivating at times, to keep shifting the furniture to make the workout space...so keeping a small space, near the window may be, with just a rug/mat around would definitely motivate !

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