7 Ways to Exercise during a Busy Day ...


7 Ways to Exercise during a Busy Day ...
7 Ways to Exercise during a Busy Day ...

You want to get fit, but where’s the time, right? The thing about a busy day is not just the time it takes up, but also the physical and mental exhaustion it causes. If you think you are going to work out after you come back home drained, tired and maybe even stressed, forget it. You are far more likely to lay back and relax, and it is best if you allow yourself that opportunity. You need a different strategy, which involves fitting in exercise somewhere during your day, and not after it. Here are some tips on ways to exercise during a busy day.

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Stay Active…

You don’t necessarily need to designate special time for exercise. You can blend it into your day by just staying active. For instance, take the stairs rather than the elevator, every time you need to go up and down buildings. If it’s a long haul up, take the elevator for 25 stories and stairs for the last 5. Also, whenever there is an errand at work, or you feel puckish or thirsty, don’t order things over. Get up from your chair and get moving.

Remember, what matters is the cumulative benefit of exercise. So, a few jogs up and down stairs and a few walks every day will add up over the course of a day, a month and even the year.


The Magic of 10 Minutes…

If you want to get in 40 minutes of exercise during your day, it doesn’t have to be all at once. Four 10 minutes sessions will be just as effective, and the best part is that short sessions are a lot more manageable when you are very busy. In just 10 minutes you could get in a strength workout (without any equipment), a cardio workout or even some stretching to keep yourself loose and flexible. Push ups, chair dips, squats, crunches and sit ups, jumping jacks, on-the-spot jogging and yoga all require very little space.


Get Help…

If you want to design a workout for yourself in a 10-minute chunk, get the help of a friend who knows fitness, or even a professional fitness trainer. They will consider your fitness level and interest, and design a range of 10-minute workouts for you, which you can do alternately. With informed guidance, your workouts will not be skewed or neglectful of certain aspects of fitness.


Checking out 10 Minute Workouts on the Internet? Remember This…

Pick something that is within your capabilities. After all, the idea is not to injure or wear yourself out. You can keep raising the bar, as your body adapts. Also, if you have picked up a workout with a certain set of exercises, check out video demonstrations of each exercise. It is the best way to learn the right form and posture, which really is the difference between a productive workout and injury.


Get on a Bike…

If you want to look cool, get fit and show the world that you are a liberated woman, pick up a bike to get to work. Cycling even moderately will help you burn 300-500 calories an hour and you won’t need to feel guilty the next time you have a slice of chocolate cake! Besides, cycling is great fun, and may even save you time, if your office is in a busy district. I vote this to be one of the best ways to exercise during a busy day.


Use Your Treadmill during TV Hour…

Another way to exercise during a busy day is if you have fitness equipment at home, place it in front of your TV, and get moving while you watch the last 10 minutes of your favorite show. Us women can multi-task, so let’s use that to our advantage!


Get Good Rest

These are all great ways to exercise during a busy day, but there may be days or even an entire week when your body and mind ask for a complete break. Don’t feel guilty about that. No machine can absorb constant use, and the human body is no exception. Besides, your body does not get fitter during a workout, but in the recovery time afterwards, so rest is extremely important. In fact, your spell of rest may be the best exercise for the moment! When the exhaustion is gone and your mind is refreshed, you may find that you actually feel stronger and more energetic than before.

These are all great ways to exercise during a busy day, but remember that fitness and weight loss are not fields where you should be seeking instant gains. Remain patient, and measure your progress every three to four weeks. Gradual change is sustainable change, and I can promise you that you will be feeling a lot better when your next birthday comes around! Do you busy bees have tips of your own to share?

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