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Exercises for Couples 8 Amazingly Inspired Ways to Start Exercising with Your Man ...

By Melissa

Exercises for Couples are a lot of fun and they bring you closer to your guy. Everyone needs to get moving these days, these exercises for couples are excellent ways to feel the burn, work up a sweat, and get active with that special guy in your life. Some believe that exercising with your partner doesn’t only offer the expected health perks, but the benefits also follow in the bedroom. Exercise can increase the libido, stamina, and makes you feel sexier, so you can see why exercises for couples are beneficial. So, what are you waiting for? Get started on these 8 ways to start exercising with your man today.

1 Connection Breathing

Connection breathing is a great exercise for couples to start out any workout. Add it to your warm up routine. Stand facing your partner, palms together, and arms to your side. You will raise your hands over your head and then he will run his hands down the back of your arms to the start position. Next you will run your hands around the outline of his face and return to the starting pose. Take turns with each motion and repeat at least four times. Focus on steady and calm breathing.

2 Leg Stretches

Sit facing one another on the floor. Spread your legs wide with the soles of your feet touching. Hold your man's hands in front you. Take turns bending forward and stretching out your legs. As one of you leans forward, the other should pull back gently, helping to stretch the other. Hold the stretch for 10 seconds before switching.

3 Weighted Squats

This exercise for couples is mostly for the men, but don’t worry ladies, it will be very fun for you too. Have your man hold you in his arms as if he were carrying you across the threshold. Then he will perform standard lunges, alternating legs for total of 12 lunges per leg per set. As his strength builds work up to 3 sets.

4 Bicep Curls

In this exercise for couples you will use your partner's weight to create resistance. Grab a towel and roll it up. Hold on to either end of the towel with your hands straight down in front of you. Bend your arms up at the elbow while your man holds the center of the towel down for resistance.

5 Crunches and Sit-ups

Crunches and sit-ups are another great exercise for couples to do together. Add a little extra challenge to this exercise with a medicine ball. Lay down on the floor, knees bent, and feet together. As you come up pass the medicine ball back and forth.

6 Dancing

I bet your man doesn’t want to join you and your girlfriends at Zumba, but maybe he will consider taking a private salsa lesson with you. If not, turn up the music in the house and start fist pumping and grinding just as you would in the club. Dancing works as a sensual exercise for couples because it gets you moving together in rhythm with your bodies close.

7 Tennis

Not just tennis, golf, one-on-one basket ball or frisbee are perfect excises for couples. These sports getting you going together, spending time, building a sweat, and being competitive. Show your man you can handle the heat on the court and in the bedroom.

8 Yoga

Yoga works as an exercise for couples when you want to get a workout together but need to tone it down a little or just need a little relaxation. Stand facing one another as you move through the different poses. Use one another for stability. Yoga as a couple can be very intimate as you watch each other’s bodies stretch, bend, and breathe deep.

Let me know how these exercises for couples have worked for you! Exercises for couples can bring you closer together and improve your health, nothing could be better than that! Are there any certain exercises for couples you can’t wait to try out or something else you suggest?

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