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7 Step Training Schedule to Shed Those Pounds ...

By Mercy

If anyone ever tells you that you can lose weight without exercising, the best response you can have is to laugh in their face. Weight simply cannot be lost without exercising to burn the fat. Depending on what condition you are in, how committed you are and how much weight you want to lose, your training schedule will vary. Here is a 7 step training schedule to shed those pounds.

1 Monday

Start your Monday with exercises and light weight lifting aimed at toning your biceps. Apart from this, also do back resistance training. This is a great way to start your training schedule and will help set the tone for your exercise schedule.

2 Tuesday

It is always a good idea to include other forms of training in your 7 step training schedule to shed those extra pounds. On a Tuesday, do some Yoga or Pilates. Sign up for a Yoga or Pilates class and attend them weekly on a Tuesday. If you choose Yoga, one of the best forms is Hatha Yoga.

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3 Wednesday

Wednesday is a good time to start some serious workout. Do some cardio exercises or a full Abs/Core workout. You can sign up at your local gym for these exercise sessions or you can do it yourself by following a workout DVD.

4 Thursday

After a strenuous workout on Wednesday, you can take it a little easy on a Thursday. Just do some light jogging or go for a 35 minutes brisk walk. However, this is also an important step of your 7 step training schedule to shed those extra pounds, so make sure you don’t miss it.

5 Friday

Since you have done biceps and back resistance exercises on Monday, Friday is a good time to do some triceps and chest resistance exercises. You can sign up at your local gym for these exercise sessions or get the help of a professional trainer.

6 Saturday

On a Saturday, you can take a day off! But, if you feel the need for physical activity and this is possible after weeks of training, do some light jogging or take a 35 minute brisk walk. This will ensure that your body gets physical activity and the pounds continue to shed on a daily basis.

7 Sunday

After having done biceps and triceps as well as back and chest resistance exercises, the only things left to do are legs and shoulder resistance exercises. These you should do on a Sunday.

As you can see, this 7 step training schedule to shed those extra pounds ensures that you get a full body workout. No part of your body will be left out if you follow this training schedule. Also, following this training schedule vigorously will ensure that you lose those extra pounds as well as get a lean, toned and fit body.

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