7 Dumb Excuses to Avoid Exercise ...

Avoid Exercise and, ultimately, your body will make you pay for it. It's only a few weeks after the new year, and already, people are using all kinds of dumb excuses to avoid exercise. There goes that new year's resolution, but why? Why not ignore all of the dumb excuses you can come up with, get motivated, and get to the gym! Here are 7 dumb excuses to avoid exercise, and how to combat them inside your own head, before you spit them out. Is the excuse you use to avoid exercise on this list? Let's find out...

1. I Don't Know How

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When I first started working out, I didn't know how to use every machine, or how to do every exercise, either. That's why I asked for help, and eventually hired a personal trainer. Not knowing what to do is no excuse for avoiding exercise!

2. I Don't Want to

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Listen, I don't want to get out of bed, get my gear on, and go for a run in the freezing winter cold, but I don't want to die early of heart attack or stroke, either. That's why I exercise, and why this excuse doesn't fly, either. Don't forget, when you avoid exercise, you're putting your health at stake.

3. I Don't Want to Be Masculine

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Is there anything less attractive than one of those extreme bodybuilder women? To me, no. But trust me, working out to be fit will not give you that bulging muscular look. That physique takes a lot more than an hour a day at the gym.

4. No One Will Go with Me

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So what? Do you really want your boyfriend or best friend seeing you all sweaty and gross and making all those grunting sounds anyway? Or distracting you with small talk while you’re trying to get all sweaty and gross? Of course not. So this isn't a good exercise to avoid exercise.

5. The Gym is Too Expensive

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I agree! There are a lot of expensive gyms out there. If you can't find one local that you can afford, there's always an alternative, like working out at home, or at a community center. If you're motivated, then you'll find a way. And you're pretty motivated, right? Right!

6. It Makes Me Sore

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The soreness will wear off, if you exercise regularly. Every time you stop, then start again, yes, you'll be sore. VERY sore. All the more reason NOT to avoid exercise in the first place!

7. Why Should I?

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Oh, girl. You know why you should exercise. Yes, to fit into your skinny jeans and string bikini. But also because you'll live longer, feel better, and be an inspiration to everyone around you. If those don't motivate you, nothing will!

Aren't all of these excuses to avoid exercise ridiculous? They sound pretty good in your head, as you're sitting on the couch, unmotivated, but when you say them out loud, they sound silly, don't they? And really, there's no reason to avoid exercise, is there? My excuse is β€œthe gym is too expensive,” but I've learned to combat that... which of these excuses is your weakness? Or is there another excuse you try to use to avoid exercise? How do you combat it? Do tell!

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