10 Cheap Ways to Stay Fit ...

Don’t you get fed up when every January we are bombarded with adverts telling us that the holidays were really bad for us and we should spend the rest of the year working off the excesses? If it’s not probiotic yoghurts or new celebrity work out DVDs, it’s scary news stories of heart disease killing more women than men or that the experts got it wrong and cranberry sauce actually causes nose polyps rather than being good for you or programs like the Biggest Loser USA.

If it makes you feel guilty enough to consider joining an expensive gym – don’t. You’ll pay a large annual membership fee, go 3 or 4 times then your gym kit will be slung in a corner of the cloakroom to fester until next January. If you want to feel fitter and better about yourself you can make a big difference in just a few ways and all for a fraction of the price of a gym session or even no cost at all.

1. Forget the Car

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Leave the car at home and walk. Walking briskly to school, work or the shops just a few times a week is not only good for the thighs and buttocks, you get fresh air too.

2. YouTube

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There’s no need to invest in expensive DVDs or Games systems with fancy virtual trainers. Plug in the laptop, search fitness video on YouTube and away you go.

3. Hula Hoop

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Pretty trendy again right now. For a small investment you can spend hours trying to do something you’ll never master but hey, have fun and burn calories!

4. Steps

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You have a perfectly good set of stairs at home so why invest in an exercise step. Use the bottom step or walk up and down the stairs 10 times in succession.

5. Wii

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If you do happen to have the fancy games system you might as well go ahead and buy the fitness programs. It will still be a lot less than a gym membership.

6. Housework

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You have to do it anyway. Stop seeing housework as a chore and regard it as the perfect cost free fitness routine. Hoovering can burn 120 calories every hour. Hoover every day and not only will you keep fit but your house will be immaculate.

7. Dancing

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Whether you do it in your own home, at a club or take lessons, it’s fun, sociable and good for you. Enrol yourself and your partner in some sexy salsa or ceroc lessons and not only look good but add some spice as well.

8. Swimming

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If you can’t use the neighbour’s pool the municipal baths are great for an early morning swim. If you are body conscious check the times when there may be women only swim clubs or go when everyone is at work or school.

9. Play with the Children

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Take a Frisbee or a ball to the park. Not only is a game of catch or soccer good for the whole family you get to spend quality time with the kids. Take the dog along too; keeping fit is good for pets also.

10. Log on

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Check out the boom in online exercise which brings personal trainers to your computer screen. These sites do charge a subscription so look at fees before signing up.

If anyone has any other bright ideas, please share them.

Top Photo Credit: Chaval Brasil

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