8 Easy Exercises to do Anywhere ...


8 Easy Exercises to do Anywhere ...
8 Easy Exercises to do Anywhere ...

With my busy schedule, sometimes it’s hard to fit in a daily exercise routine, so I went on the hunt for some exercises to do anywhere. Don’t worry, ladies, these exercises are quick and easy (and you can do them as many times as you like throughout the day!). If you’re getting tired of going to the gym on the daily basis or going to your normal tai-chi or yoga class, check out these eight easy exercises to do anywhere!

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Dancing is one of the best exercises to do anywhere (except in the middle of class or at work, that is). When you get up in the morning and are getting dressed, put on your favorite jam and start dancing! The movement will not only wake you up, but get your blood and adrenaline pumping. Plus, it helps reduce stress!


Jumping Jacks

I love jumping jacks. They’re just so easy and fun – you can even incorporate them into your dance routine! You can do them when waiting for your food to heat up in the microwave or oven, waiting for your coffee to finish brewing or waiting for your shower to warm up.



According to Cosmopolitan magazine, the perfect opportunity to do squats is when you’re drying your hair, but I also recommend doing squats when waiting for your computer to boot up or for your nail polish to dry.


Touch Your Toes

You can do these sitting in a chair, on the edge of your bed, on the floor or standing up. All you have to do is touch your toes. Try not to bend your knees too much! Stretch out your legs in front of you and reach for your toes. That’s all there is to it! You can do as many as you like, but shoot for at least twenty times.


Exercise during the Commercials

Any quick exercise can do the trick here, whether it's jumping jacks, squats, toe touches, crunches lunges or planks. If you can fit the exercise into the commercial break, go for it! Most TV spots are between 15 and 30 seconds; that's a lot of exercise time!


Ditch the Elevator

Instead of riding the elevator, climb the stairs. It may not sound like much of an exercise, but the flights really add up. I live on the third floor of my dormitory and I climb up those stairs more than 4 times a day, not to mention going down!


Exercise before Bed

When you’re lying on your bed relaxing before you go to sleep, do some crunches. You can also do other exercises as well, such as toe touches. Why not?



Yes, ladies, walking counts as good exercise. You can increase the amount of this type of exercise by taking a walk during your lunch break or walking around town with a friend. Every time I see my best friend, we walk around the neighborhood, chatting away. Sometimes we lose track of time. The perfect exercise is the one where you forget you are exercising at all!

Therefore, ladies, try to incorporate some of these exercises into your normal routine. They’re easy and quick enough to squeeze into any open time slot throughout your day. You don’t need to schedule an allotted hour chunk of time in order to find time to exercise. Use these tips and you’ll stay in shape without that added stress. Will you be trying any of these easy exercises? If not, how do you exercise daily?

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This is GRE@t

@almaakulla, Thanks for reading! :)

Definitely stretching before bed is the way to go! It helps relieve stress and relaxes muscles.

it's great, but you shouldn't exercise before going to sleep cuz then you can't fall to sleep easily..

Great tips Thank You:)

I love squats!!! Haha alot easier than I thought :)

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