9 Easy and Quick Workout Tips for Rushed Mornings ...


9 Easy and Quick Workout Tips for Rushed Mornings ...
9 Easy and Quick Workout Tips for Rushed Mornings ...

I don’t know about you, but my morning workouts are something I look forward to each day. But some mornings just don’t pan out as well as others, and I’m crunched for time. Those days, it can be tempting to skip my workout and use the extra time to do something else! But with these tips for morning workouts, you’ll see that it’s still possible to get your morning workouts over and done with before losing too much time!

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Have Some Breakfast

Eating breakfast is a quick way to jump start your morning workouts! Your body can convert the food into energy that will get you going and give you stamina to carry on. A few suggestions include fresh berries, plain Greek yogurt, fresh squeezed juice, or a smoothie.


Prep the Night before

It’s much easier to get motivated into your workout if everything is laid out and ready to go of a morning. Before getting into bed at night, lay out your clothes and the gear you will need. This works not only for your workout equipment, but your outfit, lunch, and supplies for work as well, so you can get ready after your workout without a hassle.


Warm up Really Well

In the A.M., our bodies are still waking up, so it’s imperative that you don’t skip warming up! Do a few extra minutes of warm-up to make sure you are fully awake and ready to go. You don’t want to injure yourself, so be smart.


Go to Bed Earlier

When you know you plan to get up and workout the next morning, it’s worth it to head to bed a little earlier than usual. Our bodies need sleep to function properly, and exercise is no exception. You will have more energy, and it will be easier to get out of bed and get going when you have that extra hour or two of sleep to go on.


Pick a Workout You Enjoy

I have a hard enough time as it is finding the desire to get out of bed in the mornings without dreading a workout! If you choose a workout that you love doing, you will see that it’s easier to get going because you are excited and willing to get started! I’m a runner, so if I choose running as my morning workout, I’m extremely motivated! Choose what works for you, and stick with it for morning workouts.


Get a Partner

When I have a friend to workout with, it’s a huge motivator as well as a fun pastime! You can talk to each other, encourage one another, and give helpful feedback. Taking a partner along is one of the easiest ways to get a workout over with, but it’s great for rushed mornings because your friend can help keep you on the ball to get finished on time!


Do 10 Reps

There are some mornings when we just don’t have time to go to the gym, or even take a jog around the block! If you find that you only have 15 minutes to spare for your workout, never fear! You can do what I call a “10-repper.” Pick 2-3 of your favorite exercises and do 10 reps each! Takes no more than 15 minutes, and you burn calories and get your blood flow going. An example would be 10 jumping jacks, 10 lunges, and 10 push-ups. Go for any combination you like, and don’t forget to stretch afterwards.


Get Ready While You Workout

If you’re having a rushed morning that doesn’t even offer 15 minutes to spare, here’s a little tip you can employ. It’s called multi-tasking and we women are usually the best at it! Use the time that you are brushing your teeth or straightening your hair to do squats, lunges, and stretches. Use the sink to stretch your hamstrings and the wall to stretch your calves.


Walk Home from Work

If all else fails, and you just didn’t squeeze in a morning workout, don’t beat yourself up for it. Instead, just walk home from work! Or, you can walk to work if you have enough time to do that. If you walk home from work, then you accomplish three things: You get your workout in, you save gas, and you pave the way for your workout the next morning, which will be walking to work again-of course!

These are the tried and true tips that have worked for me, and I know you’ll love them too. I’m not willing to sacrifice my morning workouts unless it just can’t be helped! A little extra effort on your part, and no need to worry about it, because it all comes together without a struggle! What are your tips for quick and easy morning workouts?

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I've been doing the squats while brushing teeth thing for years. I can back this tip up 100%. I work out a lot but sometimes you're busy and something's better than nothing

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