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9 Best Morning Exercises ...

By Jennifer

The morning is truly the best time to work out — all that energy, for the whole rest of the day! But which are Morning Exercises to get you going, and which will only wear you out, or worse, bore you? I have some ideas! Here are my picks for the 9 best morning exercises. Enjoy!

1 Go for a Run (or a Jog)

There's nothing quite like a run or a jog in the morning. If I get up early enough in the winter, the stars are still out, and the world is hushed and still. It's gorgeous, and invigorating... and so much nicer to do in the morning than at night...

2 Hit the Gym

Most gyms open at the crack of dawn, so why not sneak in a workout as your morning exercise? You can even shower before you jet off to work, and you might even meet a handsome fellow gym rat...

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3 Swim!

My auntie swears by swimming as the best morning exercise. She says it's just as joy-inducing as a run or a jog, only better for people who can't do the impact on their joints.

4 Bike to Work (or School)

If you have time,and the inclination, and a helmet, perhaps biking to work or school is a good morning exercise for you. It's excellent cardio, good for your legs and core, and who doesn't love bike shorts?

5 Do a DVD

Two words: P90X. Okay, that's only one word. But girl, I'm telling you: that hour-or-so in the morning is all you'll need to keep you motivated all day long. Secretly, I think Ton Horton is trying to kill me with these DVDs, but I've never felt better.

6 Stretch with Yoga

Ah, here's something a little more “low-impact,” unless you’re doing the P90X yoga video. But honestly, can there be anything more peaceful, centering, and feel-good than yoga in the morning?

7 Take a Class!

Some gyms offer classes strictly at night, but some are getting wise to the morning exercise trend, and are starting to offer Zumba and yoga and more in the morning, too.

8 Walk the Dog

This doesn't sound like a morning exercise until you've pulled (or been pulled by) my yellow lab mix around the block a time or two. Trust me, by the time you get back home for your shower, and to get on with your day, you'll be well-exercised.

9 Indoors (treadmill/elliptical)

Weather isn't always permissive of a morning workout, so keep an elliptical or treadmill workout on standby just in case. An hour on either one, including the warm-up and cool-down, is a fantastic way to start your day!

With so many marvelous morning exercises to try, there's no reason to get to the end of the day without a workout! Which of these morning exercises do you like best, and why? Or is there another exercise you've worked into your morning routine that you love, and would share?

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