7 Ways to Spice up Your Workout ...


7 Ways to Spice up Your Workout ...
7 Ways to Spice up Your Workout ...

Exercise is one thing that definitely does not come naturally to any of us what with the constant urge to “just skip it today” or “my car needs a wash”, "I will start from next week." But we all know deep down that we must keep going. Read on for tips to make your workout sessions more interesting.

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Do Something You Enjoy

Exercise does not end at the gym or the aerobics studio. Any activity that works up a sweat and is done for at least 30 minutes is exercise. So go for an activity that excites you. It could be anything from basketball to swimming, from roller-skating to scaling a wall. If you get the kicks out of it, you are not going to shirk you workout sessions.


Shop for Exercise Gear

Looking good at all times is crucial, isn’t it? Go sports-fashion shopping. There’s nothing like the joy of shopping and it doubles with a good reason. You wanna be comfortable and cool when you workout. With wonderful outfits to jump into and show off everyday, you are definitely not going to miss out another day at the gym.


Music is Inspiring

Mix some good music and get yourself an mp3 player that you can wear and can handle shocks. Choose tracks which begin with a slow and steady beat, then the faster ones ending with slow numbers. Alternate your music every other day. Music makes you dance out your exercise regime and you aren't so mindful of those aches and pains as well


Find an Exercise Partner

After a spell of dedicated exercising we all tend to get bored. That’s the time to look for a buddy who is interested in working out with you. Having company challenges the danger of getting into a rut and adds a spice to an otherwise dull routine. Also, knowing that someone is waiting for you to go exercise stops you from pulling out of a session and makes sure you are regular.


Organize Competitions

Set up competitions, serious or friendly. These give you a goal to work towards. The rush you get out trying to beat someone is very positive. And losing also has its benefits. You start working out with a more powerful urge to win the next time. As you go on, you will find yourself getting stronger and setting even bigger goals.


Measure Yourself

Pull out that tape measure and see how broad your upper arms, abdomen, chest, thighs, seat, etc. are. Note the figures down and do it again two weeks after you have started working out. You will be amazed at how quickly these figures go down. The effects of a workout are more quickly noticeable when you measure and see the difference.


Keep a Journal

Write down every single detail about your work out. Dates, times, duration, measurements, etc. can all go into it. Review the entries at the end of a fortnight or a regime. These reflect the results of your diligent exercising, and what could be a better motivator than that? It will give you a sense of achievement like never before. And that strong healthy body is going to thank you in many ways.

These are some great ways of not giving up exercising mid way. It worked with me; I don’t see why you should be any different. Which one of these ways are you going to use to spice up your workout?

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