10 Reasons to Exercise with a Personal Trainer ...


10 Reasons to Exercise with a Personal Trainer ...
10 Reasons to Exercise with a Personal Trainer ...

Personal Trainers can help make workout out much easier, or at least more motivating. For a few brief, shining months, I had my own personal trainer. He whipped my flabby body into the best shape of my life, and wow, do I miss him. I've scheduled some time with him again next month, and I can't wait. What's so fantastic about my trainer, or any personal trainer, for that matter? Oh girl, let me tell you. Here are 10 reasons to exercise with a personal trainer.

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They'll Motivate You

This was reason number one I hired a personal trainer. I knew if I didn't, I would never keep going to the gym like I should. But when you've paid good money for a trainer, suddenly it seems sillier NOT to go the gym... I mean, it's an investment, right? And that doesn't include the cheerleading and encouragement you get from the trainer himself!


They'll Give You a Full-body Workout

I thought I knew a lot about caring for my body, and I thought I had a pretty comprehensive program developed. Boy, was I wrong! I'm so glad I hired my trainer! He helped me create a whole-body workout, one that targeted every muscle group, kept me strong and flexible, and even made my heart healthy.


They'll Address Trouble Spots

My personal trainer also helped me address my own trouble spots: my butt and thighs. While he taught me it's impossible to target one muscle group, he did incorporate a series of exercises that did help me target those entire areas, with marvelous results.


They’re Not as Expensive as You Think

I got a month of sessions with my trainer for a measly $100. That's a lot less than some of us spend on coffee each month! What a bargain!


They'll Make a Personal Plan

The plan my personal trainer developed for me is unique, different than the one he developed for any of his other clients. When you hire a trainer, he or she will work with you, your goals, and your habits to make a plan that's just for you.


Their Job is to Ensure Success

Look at it this way: when you hire a trainer, they suddenly have a very vested interest in making sure you succeed. If you don't, you certainly won't recommend them to your friends and family, which is all kinds of free publicity.


They Can Help with Injury Issues

I have an old injury that makes it difficult for me to do certain types of exercises. My trainer helped me work around that injury, and in fact helped me strengthen that part of my body to avid future injury. If you have an injury issue, a personal trainer will help you, too.


They Can Help with Diet, Too

Most of us only think of workouts when we think of personal trainers, but they can also help with diet plans, too. They know how many calories you ought to consume, from which food groups, to meet your goals. Leverage their knowledge to create an all-around, whole-body fitness plan.


They Can Provide Inspiration

Most personal trainers have amazing stories of their own to share, so do a little digging and find one that inspires you. It might help to find another hero or role model.


They're Easy to Find

It used to be much more difficult to find a good personal trainer, but now, with the power of the internet, word-of-mouth references have never been easier to get! Ask around, using your social network and your contacts at the gym, and you're sure to find the right trainer for you!

Now, my dear, you know exactly why I adore my personal trainer, and why I'm so excited to see him again, soon. What do you think? Will you work out with a personal trainer, or have you already? Why or why not? Do tell! We'd love to hear your stories about and experiences with personal trainers!

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