7 Ideas for 10-Minutes of Exercise ...


7 Ideas for 10-Minutes of Exercise ...
7 Ideas for 10-Minutes of Exercise ...

A lot of us complain about not having enough time for regular exercise. If you have kids, a household to run and a job to boot, it is not easy to find spare time. Even if you omit the kids and household, a demanding career itself can take up all your time and energy. However, the good news is that you don’t need to slog it out for an hour to stay fit. Six 10-minute sessions spread through your day will work just as well. Here are some ideas for 10-minutes of exercise that should keep you fit, no matter how busy you are.

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Who says skipping is only a childhood pleasure? You can even make it sound cooler by calling it ‘jump rope’. Whatever you call it though, you really need to rediscover (or discover) this exhilarating exercise. It will get your whole body working, your heart rate will shoot up and you will burn in the range of 10-20 calories a minute, depending on the intensity. In short, for a 10-minute workout, you won’t find a better or more convenient calorie burner.

It is doubtful that you will be able to do 10 minutes non-stop, though. Try to do 30-second intervals, with equal pauses. Walk gently on the spot during your breathers.


Indoor Cycling

This is one of the best ideas for 10-minutes of exercise if you have your exercise bike at home. And the best place for it is right in front of your TV! That’s right, the next time you are watching your favorite sitcom or show, jump on your stationary and peddle away for the last ten minutes. Time will fly and your body will be flushed with energy.


Strength Routine

If you’ve already been doing strength training or muscle toning but haven’t been able to find time for the gym lately, there is good news. You can do a strength workout right in your living room, and you don’t need any equipment. Set up an 8-10 minute circuit of equivalent repeats of push ups, squats, chair dips, crunches and leg lifts. For better endurance and greater challenge, do fewer reps and hold the position for longer each time.

Bear in mind that strength training should always be done within your limits, and it is important to warm up before you begin. Add 3-4 minutes for this.


Combining Strength and Cardio

If you can devote 5 minutes each to both strength and cardiovascular training, that would be ideal. Some of the exercises mentioned above can be combined with jumping jacks, on the spot jogging or jumping jacks. The eventual outcome: you will burn calories, boost your metabolism and energize yourself for the rest of the day. Isn't that a great idea for 10 minutes of exercise?


Brisk Walk to the Grocery Store

Household errands are a part of everyone’s life, and for one reason or another, you probably need to make a trip to the nearby store everyday. Well, leave your car behind the next time and use the opportunity to get in a brisk walk. Since your walk will help you achieve a definite daily objective, you won’t feel as though you are having to take out special time for exercise.


Stretching on the Desk

Keeping your body flexible and supple is the difference between setting up a successful work out routine and getting yourself injured. There are several stretching exercises involving your neck, back, arm and leg muscles that you can do sitting at your work desk. With these 10 minutes, you will even be able to improve your posture.


Stay Active at Work

Finally, another idea to get in your 10 minutes of exercise is by just staying active on the job. The trouble with thousands of busy people is that they pass up golden opportunities to get in some exercise. Wondering how? Take the stairs rather than the elevator, get in a few minutes of a brisk walk during lunch hour, or even simply walk for your errands in and around the building.

So, are you game for the 10-minute strategy? I bet you’ll feel more energetic and better about yourself. Once you start implementing any of these ideas for 10-minutes of exercise, you can even challenge yourself further by varying your routine frequently and giving your body something new to deal with.

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