Workout Tips 7 Incredibly Bad and Feeble Excuses to Skip Exercise ...


Workout Tips 7 Incredibly Bad and Feeble Excuses to Skip Exercise ...
Workout Tips 7 Incredibly Bad and Feeble Excuses to Skip Exercise ...

Workout Tips I’m going to share today have nothing to do with actual exercises but things that make us skip them, instead. Now, I’m sure you totally understand what am I talking about and I’m also sure you too have some of your favorite excuses to skip this much-needed but often-avoided activity. LOL! I know I have a couple of GREAT ones! But, no excuses today! Only honest workout tips that are going to help you every time you feel like skipping the gym and doing something “more important”! And, here they are – 7 of the most popular excuses and 7 workout tips to fight them!

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I’m Exhausted

Are you really THAT tired? The first of my workout tips would be to take a deep breath and ask yourself that. I’ve noticed that I start to feel sleepy only in the days when I have my Greek lessons! I can stay up until 4 A.M any other day but those two days are something completely different! It’s cold outside and I need to walk to the bus station then wait for the bus, than take that bus… you know the story… And I always and I literally mean always have thoughts about skipping just that one lesson! But, you know what – I never do! And neither should you!


I Have a Busy Schedule

Yes, you do and it’s logical to think that there will be days when you’ll just have to skip or postpone your workout because you’ll have important things that will need to be taken care of first. I do, however, have to stress the importance of that word. “Important”, of course, means you’ll be having unexpected quests, needing to help your kids with their homework (in case your hubby isn’t able to jump in for you) or have some urgent project you need to focus you attention on. “Important”, in the other hand, definitely doesn’t have anything to do with favorite TV shows, Facebook, games or other things that make you gain weight instead if losing it.


I’m Embarrassed

Oh dear, you have no reason to feel shy! Even the famous, celebrity fitness experts had to start somehow and, believe me, being able to exercise like a pro is not something people are born with! That slender body, perfectly toned muscles and the ability to repeat one exercise after another – all that had to come from somewhere, “somewhere”, of course, being the synonym for hitting the gym regularly. So, here’s one of those motivating workout tips you have to remember every time you start considering skipping your workout – practice makes it perfect!


My Muscles Hurt

Unless you’ve sustained an injury (and I sincerely hope that’s not the case), the only way to deal with the muscle ache is to pop an aspirin and hit the gym again. If you decide to sleep it off, your next workout won’t be any better and you won’t only have a good excuse to skip your exercise (“I’m in pain, woman!”) but fail to get any results (which kind of goes without saying and it really depressing).


Exercise/Sweating Will Ruin My Date-Ready Hairstyle

Ooops! You’re torn between your workout and your date? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. In fact, many women would rather skip the much-needed workout then risk ruining a perfect hairstyle! But you can really have your cake and eat it too and this is one of those gray areas where workout tips and hairstyle tips (which usually don’t have much in common) come down to the same thing. Pick your hair up while exercising to make sure it stays perfectly clean, finish your workout, take a shower then either straighten your hair or use a bun sponge, bobby pins and hairspray to make a glam, red carpet bun. This hairstyle goes great with almost any outfit, it makes the face and the eyes pop which is exactly what you want your date to pay attention on.


I’m Too Depressed to Exercise

The next of my exercise tips would be to try to see things from a different perspective. So, instead of telling yourself “I’m too depressed to exercise”, say, “I’m depressed, I’m going to exercise now!” Exercise is actually a great stress-relief! You’ll get to take it all out, your body will get tired and once you take a shower and sit down, you’ll instantly switch into that fabulously relaxed ZEN mood in which nothing people around you say or do can bother you.


It’s Raining/Snowing/Cold outside

Oh, yeah I know all about it! Summers are just too hot and even a thing like breathing too much or speaking too loud could get you all sweaty again, 10 minutes after you’ve had your shower. Autumns and springs are just too rainy and depressing and winters are, of course, cold! Wake up and look on the bring side – exercising during these cold months is certainly more comfortable than sweating through July and August and, if you start right now, you’ll actually get the most out of winter! You’ll do something while most people sit at home, your immune system will get more resistant and able protect you from standard winter “bugs” and you’ll get to welcome summer with a perfect beach bod that doesn't require any last-minute touch-ups!

Remember these workout tips and don’t miss a day at the gym unless it’s really necessary! Do you have some cool workout tips to share, too? Come on, don’t be shy – now is the perfect time to start working on that bikini-ready body and we could all use trick or two to help us stay on the right path!

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Thank-you! I'm going to show these to my mom. She's been doing #s 2 & 3 A LOT! But she doesn't want to loose weight for a good body. She NEEDS to do it for her health, for it's in jeoparady and I'm really worried. Exercise helps with A LOT of stuff other than loosing weight. Great article!

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