10 Tips to Beat the Winter Blues ...


10 Tips to Beat the Winter Blues ...
10 Tips to Beat the Winter Blues ...

Tips to beat the winter blues can come in handy for when the dreariness of the season gets you down. The winter weather can dramatically affect our moods, with seasonal affective disorder (SAD) being quite common around this time of the year. Don’t let the weather get you down, however, as there are plenty of easy and effective tips for beating the winter blues. With winter just around the corner, now’s the perfect time to start figuring out what you’ll be doing to beat the winter blues.

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Get Active

Exercising may be the last thing you want to do when it’s dark and cold outside, but it’s a proven mood enhancer. Just think of all those endorphins! Schedule in a gym session or rope a friend into a brisk walk. Making sure you stay active is one of the top tips to beat the winter blues.



Being around other people is another simple tip to beat winter blues. Get together a group of friends for dinner and drinks, chat to your family, or maybe just catch up with your bestie for coffee. Socializing can be an instant mood booster.


Seek Sunlight

Believe it or not, but sunlight can affect your mood as well. In winter, the daylight hours are shorter and this lack of exposure can affect how you’re feeling. If it’s dark when you get up and get home, try heading outside on your lunch break or anytime during the day to grab your daily dose of sunshine.


Eat Well

We all know a healthy diet will keep us from feeling sluggish and unwell. While the winter months may have you leaning towards carbs and comfort food, keeping a diet high in nutrients and low in processed foods will keep you in fighting fit this winter.


Get Pampered

Schedule in a little ‘me’ time this winter. Organize an appointment for a massage or beauty treatment, or simply set aside some time at home for a luxuriating bath or DIY facial. Pampering yourself will give you that little pick-me-up that can help in beating the winter blues.


Wear Color

Color can affect your mood, so cheer yourself up by wearing some brightly coloured clothing this winter. Add some color to your outfit in the form of a bright beanie, coat, or bag. Wearing color might not only lift your spirits, but the spirits of others around you as well!


Treat Yourself

A previous tip made an important point of keeping a healthy diet when it comes to tips to beat winter blues. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself every now and then. Indulging in a hot cocoa drink, slice of cake, or bite of dark chocolate are all cheeky tips to beat winter blues. Just remember to practice moderation!


Look for the Silver Lining

Make the most of the winter months by pinpointing what it is you love most about them. It could be getting to wear layers of cozy clothing, hanging in front of the fireplace, or even enjoying a sneaky hot chocolate. Focus on the positives and the best of what winter has to offer.


Rug up

When it comes to tips to beat winter blues, wardrobe choices are all important! If you’re not dressed appropriately for the season, you’re definitely going to feel the cold bite of winter much more. Layer up with plenty of cozy knits and jackets, and don’t forget a beanie and gloves to protect your extremities.


Sleep Well

Having a regular sleeping pattern can balance your mood, not only in the winter time but all year round. Getting around 7-8 hours sleep per night will have you energized for the day ahead. While we may be tempted to sleep in during winter, avoid doing this regularly as it can leave you feeling more tired in the long run.

Tips to beat winter blues can involve anything from exercise to hanging out with friends (you could even combine the two for a double whammy)! There’s no need to feel down this winter with plenty of tips to beat the winter blues. What are your best tips for beating the winter blues?

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