7 Tips on Relieving Aching Joints ...


7 Tips on Relieving Aching Joints ...
7 Tips on Relieving Aching Joints ...

Having a grandmother who fights arthritis pain in her joints, a mother who deals with pain in her knees after multiple operations, and personally battling aching shoulder joints, I’ve learned a few different methods for dealing with these aches. Here are 7 tips on relieving aching joints that could help you out as well, if you find yourself devoid of pain-free joints.

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Take over the Counter Pain Medicine

Ibuprofen and aspirin seem to work the best for most of my aches and pains, when it comes to over the counter meds. If arthritis is the cause of your aching joints, then you might try one of the many arthritis pain medications. I hear they really do the job when nothing else seems to be working.


Soak in the Tub

Fill the bathtub with warm water and ad some essential oil, such as valerian, ginger, rosemary, or peppermint. Any of these oils have soothing properties and might sooth more than your achy joints. Peppermint is a very calming scent and is good for people who can't relax. Soaking in a tub full of warm water with peppermint oil can easily have a dual effect after a very trying day.


Stretch a Bit

This tip needs to be done with care. Sometimes stretching can make an ache worse, so go slow with any stretches. If any pain is involved with the area you are stretching and the joint feels worse, stop immediately.


Drink a Cup of Nettle Tea

Pour two-thirds of a cup of boiling water over 4 dried nettle leaves and let steep for a few minutes. Add some honey to the tea and sip slowly. Nettle plants have been used to relieve aches and pains connected to arthritis. The leaves of the nettle plant have anti-inflammatory agents in them, which is how they are able to reduce pain.


Get a Massage

Tight muscles can cause joints to ache. I have a shoulder muscle that cramps up from time to time and it feels as if the ball-and-socket portion of my shoulder is on fire when my shoulder muscles get cramps. A gentle massage in circular motions on the cramping muscle usually makes my shoulder joint quit aching right away.


Apply a Heat Pack

I invested in a few of these gel packs that can be put in the freezer or microwave, depending on whether you want a hot or a cold pack. I also have a sock filled with flax seed that holds the heat very well and is perfect for my achy shoulder. If you don't have a heat pack or even an old clean sock you can put some rice in to heat up in the microwave, run some hot water over a washcloth and place this in a plastic bag. Wrap this bag in a thin tea towel if necessary before applying it to the achy joint.


Use Tiger Balm

I find Tiger Balm to be one of the best inventions ever. It works great and smells fantastic. My husband doesn't agree on the smell though, which I'm sure others might also think it doesn't have a pleasant odor. However, I find the scent to be rather soothing and my aching joints cease in no time.

Sometimes I find that these 7 tips on relieving aching joints are best used in conjunction with one another. For instance, applying Tiger Balm to my aching shoulder joint and then holding a heat pack on the same spot tends to speed up the amount of time it takes for the Tiger Balm to soak in. What techniques do you use for relieving aching joints?

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