7 Surprisingly Useful but Quite Simple Ways to Encourage Good Health in Your Man ...


7 Surprisingly Useful but Quite Simple Ways to Encourage Good Health in Your Man ...
7 Surprisingly Useful but Quite Simple Ways to Encourage Good Health in Your Man ...

As important as good health is to you, consideration needs to be given to your partner’s physical wellbeing. Looking after yourself, having a balanced diet and taking regular exercise is terrific but you should also encourage good health in your man. The last thing you want is to be stuck with a man who can barely lift himself off of the sofa to give you a kiss on the cheek, right? Or, simply to be able to not have the constant worry that he’s not taking good care of himself. Encouraging good health is one of the foundations of a happy relationship. With these 7 Surprisingly Useful but Quite Simple Ways to Encourage Good Health in Your Man you can be sure that you will have a romantic relationship for decades to come.

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Eat Veggies!

It may sound like something which his mother should be taking care of, but since she is not around to feed him it is now your job to encourage good health with a well balanced and nutritional diet. No matter how old your man is he will still want to tear apart a steak with his bare hands, but it’s up to you to step in and make him eat lots of veggies. This is one of the main pillars of good health as it reduces the risk of heart disease, cancer, and unsightly lumps and bumps


Extra Broccoli

A girl’s worst nightmare is when their man can no longer satisfy them sexually. Most men think that it will never happen to them and they will be at the pinnacle of masculinity forever, but you know better. As men get older their hormone levels which maintains their sex drive, declines and this is where you have to step in. Broccoli is scientifically proven to increase these hormones and will therefore keep up (no pun intended) their sex drive for many years to come.



Although for many of us pregnancy is maybe not something we have thought about yet, it’s still something to take into account when deciding that we need to encourage good health in our man. We are told that we have to be healthy before becoming pregnant, and we do this well, but the problem is that it’s just as vital that men are healthy too. An unhealthy man can be lacking in folic acid which makes it more difficult for them to conceive. A multivitamin will fix this problem right up or an increase in dietary input from folate rich foods.


Sour Breath

It makes us gag and it makes us want to keep our man at an arm’s length, or two, but sour breath may not be just because they didn’t brush the night before. Sour breath may be due to gum disease or something more sinister such as sleep apnea. The gastric acid which is backed up in his throat can cause sleep apnea, but it can also cause heartburn or indigestion. If your partner suffers persistently from sour breath in the morning, get your man to a doctor immediately as he might need an overnight sleep survey.


Floss, Floss, and Floss Again!

To encourage good health in your man you need to also take a look at his dental habits too. A major part of dental health is keeping your teeth clean, and flossing can help with this. Flossing after every meal can really help your man have a more attractive mouth for you and a better feeling mouth for him. Making fewer trips to the dentist can also save you a pretty penny too! If that’s not worth an extra snog what is?

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A man who is giving lackluster performances in the bedroom is not only a major problem for you, but it’s also a major problem for him. Doctors say that men who are lacking in performance may be demonstrating a precursor to heart disease due to a lack of blood flow. If this is the case with your man then book him for an appointment with the doctor. It’s not an easy subject to raise but if left to fester it can cause more problems than it’s worth. Erectile dysfunction is more common than your man probably realize. Do your research on the web and share it with him – it will help allay fears of inadequacy.


Testicular Cancer

Testicular cancer is one of the worst illnesses which can befall a man. The problem is that most men dismiss symptoms as something which will just go away. But you shouldn’t because there are thousands of men who have suffered greatly by ignoring the first signs of testicular cancer. If you notice a lump of some sort in your man’s testicles then it’s imperative that you convince him to seek medical consultation. If you can persuade him to undertake regular screenings then so much the better. Let him know you regularly examine your own breasts (because you do – don’t’ you??).

Men are naturally dismissive when it comes to health care and it’s up to us to not only take care of our own health, but to encourage good health in them too. We want the best for both of us, and the relationship as a whole, so we can be the happiest we can be. Of course, there are probably tons of Surprisingly Useful but Quite Simple Ways to Encourage Good Health in Your Man so what other methods have you used with your man?

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Oo, oo! I have one! My guy spends a lot of time with his friends, and usually they play basketball. That's when I don't interrupt him unless of EMERGENCY. Playing sports is a good way to exercise. That helps. And if you live with him, make sure there aren't any junk foods around your house. Sure it's one thing to eat once in while, but all the time? Uhm...can you say heart-attack? That's all I know.

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