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I make sure to have simple, easy-to-reach cough and cold remedies at home, especially in winter when just about everyone you know is sick with a cold or flu. I am not a big fan of immediately turning to cough medicines and tablets for colds. The terrible duo have been rampaging through our house and I was ready to confront them with these quick and nearly free ideas to conquer coughs and colds:

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Ginger Tea

Available fresh from just about every supermarket in the world, just shave off some ginger and add it to a warm cup of tea. Sit back and watch the magic begin. This is a time-tested cough and cold remedy. You can also drop freshly sliced ginger in boiling water. Let it boil for a while to make sure the concoction is potent enough to soothe your throat. Drink plain. No sugar, no honey.


Lemon and Other Citrus Fruits

Just think it’s July and you are downing a glass of ice-cold lemonade. Instead it's winter and that same luscious lemon taste is there in a cool drink. Or just peel an orange and supercharge your lungs with a jolt of 200% Vitamin C. My twins recently had a cough and cold but it was gone even before my husband noticed it. The secret was oranges for snacks.


Vapor Rub

That warm medicine rub has never felt better when your chest and neck are coated with a thin layer of ongoing heat. Hmmmm… It will open up your pores in a matter of minutes and aids in healing while you sleep. I stock up on it especially when the cold weather kick in.


Eucalyptus Oil

What I do is put a few drop of eucalyptus oil on my shirt. It stays longer that way. Or you can ask a loved one to give you a massage with eucalyptus oil and just relax. Let nature work its wonder as the natural plant oil is immediately absorbed into your skin. Fight back against the common cold with an hour long massage of those sore and tired muscles and aches.


Hot Showers

Just about as free as sunshine. When you are feeling really lousy, jump into the shower and pump up the hot water. Feel those pores opening up and let the jolt of warm water awake your senses. It’s the all-time remedy for lazy, lousy people and when you've got a common cold, do it when it feels very difficult to get through the day with a runny nose.


A Back Massage

If you don’t have any eucalyptus oil – go ahead and indulge in a long massage anyway. Start out with a very hot shower or bath, then slide onto that massage table and turn off your brain. Your sickness will melt away like an ice crème cone on a hot August afternoon. At home, I give my kids a back massage and they love it!


Fresh Air

The best remedy of all is filling your lungs with a gallon of fresh air. You may be living on a mountain top or a desert, but air is free for the taking and slow, rhythmic breathing will add to nature’s arsenal in its fight against the cold and flu season.

What’s your tried and tested way in fighting off the common cold?

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I'm a huge fan of eucalyptus oil. I sniff some every night before bed. It calms all of my senses

Thanks! I had my first time flu, cough and fever in winter because I used to a summer all day (Malaysia). It was terrible and i was really panic. Ok i will noted this! 👍

I suffered one whole week with heavy cough. Nothing helped me, not even the medicines i took, but GINGER did!! I highly recommend everyone who is suffering with dry cough to try raw ginger.

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