Avoid Allergies with These Tips for Keeping Your Home Pollen Free ...


With the arrival of spring comes the arrival of pollen. And if you’re an allergy sufferer, this can mean some miserable days and weeks for you. While it’s not possible to totally avoid pollen, you can stop most of it from entering into your home. With these tips, you can keep your home pollen free to help you have a healthier spring.

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Take Your Shoes off at the Door

A lot of pollen comes in on your shoes. If you wear your shoes all throughout your home then you’re going to track pollen everywhere that’ll keep you sneezing and sniffling. Take them off as soon as you come in to prevent this from happening. You could keep a rug by your door to place them on. This can make a tremendous difference in the amount of pollen that you track in.


Change Clothes after Time Outdoors

Your clothing can carry pollen in, too. Spring activities present all sorts of reasons to spend time outdoors. When you do that, pollen settles onto your clothing. When you come inside, change clothing immediately. It’s best if you can wash it as soon as possible to help keep your home pollen free.


Shower before Bed

It’s best to shower and wash your hair before bed during pollen season. Pollen settles onto your hair and body. This can happen even during a quick walk to the car or to check your mail. It’s even more important to do this when you’ve spent time outside for an activity. Going to bed without a shower during pollen season can make you more likely to wake up with allergy symptoms.


Use High Grade Filters

Your HVAC filters can help you to keep your home pollen free. There’re different types of filters that you can get for your heating and air conditioning unit. Some are higher grade than others, meaning that some are better at keeping pollen and other irritants out of your home. The filter should say exactly what it catches on the packaging. Make sure that the type you choose catches pollen as it circulates through the filter. This can make a big difference in the amount of pollen that you have in your home.


Keep Windows Closed

It’s wonderful when you can enjoy a fresh spring breeze in your home. But if you’re a pollen sufferer then this isn’t a good idea for you. It’s a wide open invitation for pollen to come in. Allergists recommend that you keep your windows closed during pollen season and run your air conditioner instead. It’s not nearly as nice but it beats suffering from an allergy attack.


Clean Often

To catch any pollen that escapes in, clean your home often. One of the most important ways to clean is by dusting. It’s important to always dust with a damp cloth. Dusting with a damp cloth will catch dust, pollen and any other irritating particles on your furniture and decorative accents. Dry dusting simply spreads them around and stirs them up.


Dry Laundry Indoors

Some people love the smell and feel of laundry dried hung outdoors in the sunshine. I used to, too. But this’s an easy way to bring pollen into your home. Hold off on enjoying laundry dried by the sun until pollen season has passed. As lovely as outdoor dried laundry smells, it can also make you sniffle.

These’re 7 tips to help you keep pollen out of your home. Which ones are helpful to you? I’d love to have your feedback.

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