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Spring is the time when many people experience a flare up of their allergy symptoms. Are you one of them? This can be blamed on all the things that are wonderful about spring, including flowers popping out of the ground, trees getting their leaves and grass coming back to life. I wouldn’t want to give those things up, but I sure do hate the way they make me sneeze, my eyes water and my nose run. If all those tried and true methods are failing you this year, how about trying one of these instead? With so many options, something is bound to work.

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Move Your Workout Indoors

Even if you’re an avid runner, you should stop your outdoor workout when spring rolls around. Why? Because when you’re outside, you’re breathing in all that pollen and junk that’s causing your allergies. While you adjust, try running on your treadmill or jogging around the indoor track at the gym. Chances are you’ll see a difference pretty quickly.


Limit Year round Allergens

I’m allergic to cats and they bother me all year long, not just in the spring. However, those all-the-time allergies can feel worse in the spring. That’s because your seasonal allergies pile on top of them and everything goes downhill fast. Try to control what bothers you normally and you might notice things improving all around. Things to look out for include mold, pet dander and dust.


Have a Glass of Hot Green Tea

Is there anything green tea can’t do? It’s made headlines for being beneficial in so many ways and you can add allergy prevention to the list. According to researchers, the antioxidants in green tea can lessen the immune response to your spring allergens. They may still bother you, but not to the same degree. Ah, sweet relief!


Shower Smarter

When you spend time outdoors, all that stuff that causes spring allergies clings to your hair and skin. Showering smarter can really help. Make sure you are very thoroughly washing hour hair, eyebrows, hands and any exposed skin. By washing all those allergens off, you won’t have to suffer at home. Never go to bed without showering first because then you’ll lie awake all night sniffling and sneezing.


Change Your Clothes

That means anytime you return home from time spent outside. Removing clothing covered in allergens keeps them from bothering you at home. Experts also suggest switching to cotton, which repels the nasty stuff better and is easier to clean. Avoid line drying your clothes in the spring to prevent allergens from coming inside with them.


Go Natural

Don’t stop taking your allergy meds, but combine them with natural treatments. These are designed to build your immunity over time and won’t replace medications as a swift treatment. Try omega-3 fatty acid supplements, which research has shown can reduce the incidence of seasonal allergy symptoms. Local honey, nettle root tea and a neti pot are other natural suggestions given by medical health experts.


Up Your Dosage

But first, talk to your doctor. You should never mess around with medication doses without first discussing it with your physician. However, in some cases, it might really help to up your meds. Your body builds a tolerance over time so adding to your regular dose can help with seasonal allergies. Once things calm down, you can return to your usual dosage.

Do you have seasonal allergies? Do you have any other tips to thwart them before they make your life miserable?

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I have heard eating a tablespoon of local honey (key word: local, like from a farms market) daily, actually helps reduce your allergies.

I live in Canada and when spring rolls around, there is nothing that could make me work out indoors. Okay, maybe just one thing, lol.

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