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7 Yoga Poses That'll Cure Headaches ...

By Holly

When your head hurts, the last thing you want to do is exercise. However, it could actually help you get rid of the pain if you know the right ways to contort your body. As long as you find the strength to push past the desire to sleep off your headache, these yoga poses should be able to cure yor issue while keeping you fit:

1 Cat Cow Pose

This is a great pose to start your daily yoga session with. All you have to do is get on all fours with your knees right beneath your hips. While you breath in, you should drop your belly down while you push your head up. When you breath out, you should carve your stomach upward and look in at your naval. Repeat this move a few times and your headache should be gone in no time.

2 Corpse Pose

This is a pose that absolutely anyone can do. All you have to do is rest on your back with your knees bent. Then you should lower them onto the floor, almost like you're sleeping. This pose is more about your mental state than your physical state, so it's great to do while listening to relaxing music or daydreaming about a calming location.

3 Downward Facing Dog

This is the yoga pose you hear about the most. Start on your hands and knees, then curl your toes and lift your hips while straightening your legs. If you're flexible enough, your body should create a V shape. If you aren't, then just try your best to contort yourself into the position. With each attempt, you'll get better and better.

4 Head to Knee Pose

Start by sitting with your legs straight out in front of you. Then bend your knee until your foot is placed against the thigh of your other leg. Now you can lift your arms in the air and then bend as far forward as you can, reaching for your shin or ankle.

5 Upward Facing Dog

You should start by putting yourself into the downward facing dog position and then switching into this one. Do this by bending until you're into the pushup position, letting your tiptoes touch the ground, and bending yourself back.

6 Seated Twist Pose

Start by sitting with your legs straight out in front of you. Then take one of your legs and cross it over your other leg, close to the knee. Now, you should take your arm on the opposite side of your bent knee and lay it over said knee. It forces you to twist your body, which can increase your flexibility.

7 Happy Baby Pose

You're probably going to feel silly while performing this pose, but it's a great way to get rid of your headaches and gain flexibility. You're going to start by resting on your back and bending your knees up to your chest. Then you should grab your feet and hold onto your toes. It'll make you look like a baby, but it'll make you feel like a warrior.

Yoga is meant to relax you, which is why it shouldn't be surprising that it can cure the worst headache. What do you usually do when you have a major headache that just won't go away?

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