10 Proven Home Made Remedies🌱🍯 for Girls Suffering from UTIs 😭 ...

Painful! Annoying! Irritating! Uncomfortable! All words anyone who has experienced a urinary tract infection can relate to. The frequent urge to pee, a burning sensation when you do pee, trouble passing urine and even abdomen or lower back pain are symptoms of UTI, an infliction most commonly experienced by women than men. In worst case scenario, a UTI can lead to kidney damage and can be cause by sex, diabetes pregnancy, menopause, or even holding on to urine for a prolonged duration. If you’re interested in natural remedies for UTIs, there are a few:

1. Cranberry Juice

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Most commonly associated with cystitis, Cranberry juice is an excellent choice when you have a UTI. The acidic nature of cranberry makes it difficult for the bacterium that causes urinary tract infections to cling onto the lining of the urethra. Be sure to drink at least half glass of cranberry juice daily to prevent UTIs. Increase the number of glasses to 4 at least if you're already suffering from UTI.

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